Iran Regime Covers up Coronavirus, Calls It ARDS

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Amir Taghati
The actual casualties of the coronavirus in Iran are several times higher than those reported by the regime
According to the reports published by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK), the coronavirus has claimed the lives of over 31,500 people as of Saturday, April 18 across Iran. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime, with a cover-up and giving false statistics, announced the death toll at less than one fifth of the real figures.


Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 31,500 in 294 Cities
The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) announced on Saturday, April 18, 2020, that the #Coronavirus death toll has exceeded 31,500 in 294 cities across #Iran. #Covid_19 …

Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 31,500 in 294 Cities – NCRI
Mrs. Rajavi: Regime health officials are mimicking European countries where the death toll has decreased. The engineered figures dictated by
20:52 – 18 Apr 2020
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To cover up the real coronavirus death toll, the Iranian regime uses different tactics. One of its main methods of cover-up is to announce the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as the cause of death. Since it is impossible for the regime to cover up the number of deaths at hospitals, it changes the cause of death.

Dr. Abdolreza Fazel, Head of Golestan University of Medical Sciences, said: “We’ve been crying since day one that we have 594 Coronavirus patients, but the Ministry of Health was saying since you have no positive test, we are not giving you the necessary facilities. Then suddenly they announced that we have become the epicenter of the Coronavirus.”

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)
Head of Golestan’s Medical Sciences University:
“I have been saying since day one that we have 594 coronavirus patients… Yet the Health Ministry would reply no… They kept on telling us to wait. Then one day they said you are a [COVID-19] epicenter…”#CoronaOutbreak

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16:23 – 3 Mar 2020
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In another interview on March 28, Dr. Fazel said: “Since the beginning of February until now, 284 people in hospitals of [Golestan] province have contracted ARDS and are suspected of having coronavirus. Few of them have been hospitalized and the rest are quarantined at home.” He continued: “In addition, 43 physicians in Golestan have also contracted ARDS and are suspected of having coronavirus, among them six physicians have been hospitalized with a critical condition. Dr. Abdollah Abbasi, former chair of the Golestan University of Medical Sciences, passed away on March 28 because of the coronavirus.”

According to the reports from the Shohada (martyrs) Hospital of Bandar Gaz in Golestan province, the cause of death of those passing away in hospital are connected to their previous medical files such as heart failure, kidney failure, poisoning during spraying, acute respiratory illness, but not the coronavirus. They say that should be tested positive for coronavirus.

A report from the Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil province in early March indicates that at least 10 patients diagnosed with the coronavirus die every day in Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil alone. The head of the hospital told the state TV a few weeks ago that he had at least 1,000 patients diagnosed with the coronavirus at his hospital. However, the cause of death of most people who die from coronavirus is mentioned in the death certificate as “respiratory disease” and the clerical regime does not consider these people as victims of coronavirus.

According to a report from the Taleghani Accident Hospital in Mashhad, patients who die of coronavirus are reported as deceased due to acute respiratory illness.

On March 3, six people died in Towhid Hospital in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province. Yet, their cause of death was announced as influenza. The coronavirus, as the real cause of death, is not written on death certificates. In late February 2020, a resident of Saqqez died of coronavirus. Yet the regime’s officials didn’t allow his cause of death to be told to his family members and relatives. Instead they said he had died of respiratory problems and cardiac arrest.

According to a report from Shariati Hospital in Mashhad, the coronavirus test result of those suspected of having contracted the disease will be sent to Tehran. If during this process the patient dies the cause of death is announced by the hospital as acute respiratory illness.

To avoid the real death numbers from leaking, the hospital’s medical staff are under control. One of the hospital’s medical staff said that every statistic they give should be multiplied by 100 times to determine the actual number, because the declared statistics are fake.

According to a report from Khorramshahr, in southwest Iran, the cause of death of a person named Salehi, who died of a coronavirus, was announced as old age. They justify this as not having the result of the coronavirus test, which was conducted prior to his death.

According to a report received in late February from Gilan province, two people who died on the Masouleh Road due to Coronavirus were reported as having died because of cardiac arrest and respiratory problems. On the same day, eight people died of coronavirus at Rasoul Akram Hospital in Rasht.

According to a report from the pulmonary department of Firoozgar Hospital in Tehran, since early January, pulmonary patients have been referred to doctors in the pulmonary department of the hospital who have had symptoms of coronavirus but have been registered as respiratory patients. Their real disease however which was the coronavirus was announced after the regime’s sham parliamentary election.

A document from Sistan and Baluchestan province confirms the following report:

Dr. Seyed Said Hossaini in Zahedan, speaks of patients, hospitalized because of “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.” Until April 3, the number of these people was over 1300, out of which 100 have passed away. The reason for not declaring these patients as the coronavirus patients is explained as: “They were either not tested positive for the coronavirus or not tested at all. Therefore, although they are not included in the statistics, but they could potentially be.”

Dr. Hossaini continues: “According to the field reports and reports by my physician colleagues across the province, many of the patients with or without mild signals and sometimes with intense symptom, without taking blood test or having suspicious lung radiology call doctors or go to their clinics but avoid going to hospitals or taking the coronavirus test. Of course, many of these people in our province are diagnosed with the COVID-19 and are hosts of this disease spreading it in the society; and they are not just a few.”

The Iranian regime does anything to cover up the real coronavirus statistics. Because it doesn’t want, by telling the truth of the coronavirus outbreak that was spread by them in Iran, to prepare the ground for an uprising. In this regard, the only thing the regime doesn’t care about is the people’s lives. The mullahs are sacrificing the people of Iran and medical staff to maintain their regime.

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