Board of Advisors

Advisory Board

Honorable Sid Ahmed Ghozali
Mr. Sid Ahmed Ghozali is the Former Prime Minister of Algeria. He has also served as foreign Minister and ambassador for his country in France and Belgium. Mr. Ghozali was the first head of the Algerian Oil Company.

Sheikh Taissir al-Tamimi
He is the Chief justice in the Palestinian National Authority and Head of Supreme Religious Judicial Council. He also serves as Head of the Committee for Interfaith Dialogue in Palestine, and the Orator at the Ibrahim Mosque of Hebron. He advocates women’s rights, establishment of political parties, and legal reform. He is known for his opposition to Hamas.

Anissa Boumedienne
She is the widow of Houari Boumedienne, former president of Algeria, who suddenly died in 1978 when he was only 46. Besides her profession as a lawyer, she had studied Arab literature and is the author of several books including a collection of poems entitled “Day and Night” published in 1980 and a novel on history, “End of the world,” published in 2003. She met Houari Boumedienne in 1969 and married him in 1973.

Ms. Nariman al-Rousan
She has been a member of Jordanian parliament since 2003. She is by profession a lawyer. She has been very active on social issues. As such she is a founding member of Arab Women Sports Association. Member of several charitable associations for women, member of Women’s League of Jordan and a member of Jarash Festival Administration.

Ms. Batoul Fakar
She is an Arab intellectual residing in France. She is the first woman member of France’s Muslim Council who resigned from her post in protest against the membership of fundamentalist elements in the council. She was born in Morocco, and lived in Algeria until 1963 (in Saieda and Uran) and participated in the independence war along with the National Liberation Front.

Sheikh Khalil Meron
Member of the secretariat of the Muslim Council of France. Founder of Ori Grand Mosque that is one of the biggest mosques in Europe. He is a member of the Edrisa al-Shorafa Association of Maghreb.

Dr. Ali al-Dalaein
Doctorate in Management and Economy, Member of Jordanian 15th Parliament, head of the Association for Environmental Protection in Southern Jordan


Mr. Mohammad al-Haj Mohammad
Member of Jordanian Parliament and a moderate Islamic figure in Jordan.

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