Iran Nationwide Uprising – Day 100

Written by
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Iran Protest-No. 203

NCRI logoNightly demonstrations in various parts of Tehran, other cities
Protesters chanted “Death to Khamenei,” “Death to the dictator”
On Saturday evening, December 24th, the 100th night of the uprising, people in Tehran and other cities including Isfahan, Babol, Mashhad, Fardis, and Gulshahr in Karaj, Bandar Abbas, and Sanandaj staged demonstrations by chanting slogans against Ali Khamenei. In Tehran, Enghelab Square protesters were chanting “Death to the dictator” and clashing with the suppressive forces. Courageous women protested in Haft Hoz of Tehran chanting “Bloodthirsty Khamenei, we will bury you.” At the City Theater metro station, the suppressive forces fired tear gas at the protesters who were chanting “Death to the dictator.” In Tehran’s Chitgar neighborhood, young people were chanting “We won’t have our homeland freed until mullahs have gone.” In Ferdows Blvd., Janat Abad, and many other parts of Tehran, people were crying out “Death to Khamenei,” “Death to Khamenei the murderer,” “Death to IRGC,” and “Death to child-killer rulers” from the buildings.

In Mashhad, people protested in the evening chanting “Death to the dictator,” “Death to Khamenei” and “This year, is a year of sacrifice, Seyyed Ali (Khamenei) will be overthrown” and lit fires on the streets. In Chaharbagh of Isfahan, Fardis, and Golshahr of Karaj, people chanted slogans such as “Shame on the leader,” “You are lewd, I am a liberated woman,” “This year, the IRGC losing forces, death to the regime” and “Mullahs must get lost.” In Nabovat Square of Sanandaj, and Karimabad in Saqqez, the youth set up roadblocks by lighting fire in the street and shouting anti-government slogans. In Bandar Abbas, youths protested in the streets chanting “Death to Khamenei” and anti-government slogans could be heard from the buildings.

On Saturday morning, school students protested in the Tehran Pars neighborhood between the second and third squares chanting “Death to the dictator.” Shopkeepers and bazaar merchants in Javanrud of Kermanshah province went on strike in protest against the regime’s pressure on the shopkeepers and the suppressive measures against local residents. Real estate registry employees in the cities of Yazd, Ramhormoz, Mashhad, Aligudarz, Joghtai in Khorasan Razavi province, Dorud, Khalkhal, Takestan, Haftgol in Khuzestan, etc. staged protests against the poor living conditions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

December 24, 2022

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