Urgent – Breaking News on Iran Protests – MEK Reports Over 1,500 Killed in November Uprising

An exhibition in memory of the fallen heroes of the recent Iran Protests
Supporters of the MEK, rally in Stockholm. Photos of the martyrs of the recent Iran Protests were displayed in open space in Stockholm
Written by Shahriar Kia

The MEK Iran released the name of 28 more martyrs of the November uprising, bringing to 504 the number of martyrs identified so far.

MEK Iran announced that over 1,500 protesters were killed during nationwide Iran protests.

At least 400 killed in Tehran Province,

320 in Kermanshah,

240 in Khuzestan.

In Fars, at least 270 were killed, not taking into account hundreds of bodies taken to Namazi hospital in Shiraz by the regime.

The regime still refuses to release the bodies of those killed to their families and is demanding that they pay for the bullets with which their children were killed.

Maryam Rajavi

· 10 Dec 2019
On the UDHR anniversary according to which “human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want,” I echo the cries of over 1,000 slain protesters & ask why is the world silent and apathetic towards the crimes of #Iran mullahs? #HumanRightsDay

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Maryam Rajavi

UN must immediately dispatch fact-finding missions to Iran to investigate about those killed or arrested during the #Iran Uprising- Message on #HumanRightsDay https://www.maryam-rajavi.com/en/item/maryam-rajavi-iran-un-human-rights-day …

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13:20 – 10 Dec 2019
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Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to the United Nations Security Council: This horrific massacre is one of the most hideous crimes of the 21st century and by any measure amounts to a manifest case of crime against humanity. The Security Council and the EU must act immediately to stop the regime’s continuing crimes and demand the release of those arrested. It must dispatch a fact-finding delegation to Iran to investigate this major crime and visit the regime’s prisons and those arrested.

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