Thousands of Iranians march in support of the Resistance from State Department to White House

Maryam Rajavi says:

• Mullahs are the prime cause of war and terrorism
• They are emboldened when they don’t pay the price of their crimes
• Those who benefit from the regime promote appeasement
• The mullahs’ regime has no capacity for reform
• We only seek freedom and human rights, paving the way for development, justice, peace and security in Iran and the region

On Friday, June 20, 2019 the day of martyrs and political prisoners and on the anniversary of the Iranian people’s resistance against religious fascism ruling Iran, thousands of Iranians gathered in front of the US State Department in Washington and marched towards the White House. A number of prominent American personalities, Congressmen Brad Sherman and Tom McClintock, former US Ambassador and Governor Bill Richardson, Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army General Jack Keane and Senator Robert Torricelli spoke at the rally.

Large numbers of Iranians from various US states converged at the rally and condemned the brutal violations of human rights, terrorism and mullahs’ belligerence. They expressed their support for the Iranian Resistance and its president-elect, Maryam Rajavi. Demonstrators also expressed their support for resistance units and councils in Iran.

In her message addressing the demonstrators, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said, in the past 40 years, the mullahs gave the wrong address for the enemy to the Iranian people to hide from their rage, and named America as the enemy. We have never been deceived, however, and for four decades, we have called for this regime’s overthrow, overthrow, and overthrow. Now ironically, people of Iran cry out everywhere that our enemy is right here, and the clerics lie that it is America.

The regime’s claim about an American “B Team” is just a cover for their own “Bombing Team”, she added. Examples of their malign activities include attempts ranging from seeking atomic bombs, to detonating bombs in Albania and France, to bombing oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, downing US drones, missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, and attacking the US embassy in Baghdad. When the mullahs are not held accountable for their crimes, they are emboldened. Launching Katyusha rockets in Mosul and Basra, and launching a missile attack on the American drone is a vivid example.

Reiterating that the clerical regime is the main cause of war and crisis in the region, Mrs. Rajavi said, “The real question in dealing with the religious fascism ruling Iran is choosing either appeasement or firmness vis-a-vis the mullahs? Despite the fact that for 40 years this regime is at war with the people of Iran and the world, those who continue to benefit from it engage in fearmongering about a looming war and deter the world community from being decisive, hence encouraging appeasement. Based on 40 years of experience, the mullahs’ regime lacks any capacity for reform and changing its behavior. Khamenei says changing the regime’s behavior is tantamount to regime change.”

“What is the real issue the people of Iran and the resistance face?” She concluded, “Surrender or struggle to the end. We are after nothing more than freedom and human rights, which, of course, paves the way for development, justice, peace and security in Iran and the region. An Iran free of religious fascism, a non-nuclear Iran, without terrorism and warmongering is what we seek.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 21, 2019

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