Tehran Mayor: Iranian Municipalities Have No Responsibility for Labor Children

By Sedighe Shahrokhi

Tehran’s mayor claimed that while in many countries, municipalities are responsible for the situation of labor children, in Iran the municipality has no legal obligation toward children who are forced to work.

On Sunday, June23, the official IRNA news agency quoted Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi as saying: “409,000 children who work or are seeking jobs have been identified in the country.” On the same day, the Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), quoted him as saying: “499,000 are working as labor children.”

Meanwhile, a report by the Statistics and Strategic Information Center of the regime’s Ministry of Labor published on its website, says the number 499,000 just accounts for the number of working children in Iran for the year 2017.

Hanachi added at the seminar of “the world day to struggle against child labor” on Sunday, most labor children in Iran are vendors, flower sellers, garbage seekers and fortune tellers.

Meanwhile the newest report of Statistics and Strategic Information Center of the regime’s Ministry of Labor shows that the number of labor children in Iran has increased. It estimated that half of labor children work in industrial manufacturing, while many others work in agricultural, construction, and the fishing sector.

Meanwhile, Tehran deputy mayor Mohammadreza Javadi has said most labor children in the capital have foreign nationality but a lot of them come from Iranian mothers. The regime’s Guardian Council recently denied granting Iranian nationality to these children.

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