Rouhani’s Advisor Compares Nationwide Uprising to MEK’s Eternal Light Operation in 1988, Threatens Protesters With Violent Suppression Like 1988

Shiraz, south-central Iran, new footage shows protesters forcing the regime’s oppressive forces to retreat
Brave protesters resist regime’s repressive forces in Shiraz, forcing them to retreat-November 2019
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Hesameddin Ashena, head of the office of Strategic Assessments, Hassan Rouhani’s advisor, and a former Deputy in the notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), described the nationwide uprising as “Eternal Light operation No. 2”. He wrote, “They thought they have started Eternal Light Operation No. 2.” But, “In reality, Operation Mersad No. 2 has started.”

As such, on the one hand, Ashena displayed the regime’s fear of being overthrown by the uprising, and on the other hand threatened the people with violent suppression, similar to what the murderous regime perpetrated in 1988 in Kermanshah Province, meaning mass and arbitrary arrests, indiscriminate firing into the crowd, and mass public executions.


EDITORIAL: #Iran’s Unprecedented Flare-Up …#FreeIran #IranProtests

EDITORIAL: Iran’s Unprecedented Flare-Up
Official Website of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. NCRI is a broad coalition of democratic Iranian organizations and personalities founded in 1981 in Tehran by Massoud Rajavi.
1:19 PM – Nov 22, 2019
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During Eternal Operation in July 1998, the National Liberation Army of Iran advanced 170kms into Iranian territory to the gates of Kermanshah and liberated large parts of the country.

The criminal mullah, Ali Razini, a senior Judiciary official said in an interview dated, July 29, 2019, based on Khomeini’s fatwa, those members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK), who had been captured during the Eternal Operation were dealt with in “Court Martials” on the field. They were tried in the war zones and punished there… It had no proceedings. Sometimes, the trial would last an hour or less… Three people were sentenced to death… There was a half-built building in a T-junction in the town of Islam-Abad. We said we will carry out the verdict there… they were hanged.”

Hesameddin Ashena is one of the clerical regime’s security officials and the son-in-law of cleric Ghorbanali Dorri-Najjafabadi, the former Intelligence Minister. He played a key role in the Special Clergy Court to suppress dissident clerics and theology students. He is also Rouhani’s representative in the Supervisory Council of the State radio and television.

Kayhan, the mouthpiece of the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, wrote on November 18, “Judicial organs believe execution by hanging for the leaders of the recent riots are certain.”

Ashena is the same murderer who posted a coded tweet on June 19, 2018, in which he threatened the Iranian Resistance and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, with assassination. “Those who are thinking of a hot summer should not forget about the ‘Midday Story.’” Midday story is the name of a film that the IRGC produced about the events of February 8, 1982, in which Mr. Rajavi’s first wife, Ashraf Rajavi, and MEK’s second-in-command Moussa Khiabani, were killed. On June 20, 2018, the regime’s online and print media described Ashena’s tweet as a “code to start an operation,” and a “security code, which not everyone can decipher.”

As became clear later, the tweet was a reference to a major terrorist plot that was to be carried out 10 days later on June 30, 2018, against the Free Iran Gathering in Villepinte, near Paris, in which Mrs. Rajavi was the keynote speaker.


#Iran: Terror Attack Against Iranian Resistance Gathering Foiled, Three Arrested
Asadollah Assadi, head of mullahs’ intelligence at Iranian regime’s embassy in Vienna and liaison of terrorists in Germany is among those arrested. …

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23:31 – 2 Jul 2018
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The religious dictatorship ruling Iran had planned to blow up the gathering and massacre hundreds of people. The plot was discovered and foiled at the last minute. Four terrorists, including a regime diplomat, were arrested and are in prison awaiting trial.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

November 22, 2019

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