Raisi Resorts to Lying and Bragging During Nowruz Speech


We promised that we do not trade the interests and security of the people for anything else,” Iranian regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi said during his new year’s address. “Everyone saw that we prioritized increasing the country’s defense, missile and space capabilities because the country’s security is a priority. We have shown that the power of the field is in favor of the power of diplomacy.”

Ignoring the state of economic misery in Iran, Raisi added: “Fortunately, signs of economic growth and stability and a significant increase in the value of foreign trade and non-oil exports have emerged during our time. We increased trade with our neighbors for the benefit of the people. Official statistics, which are still up to the end of the third quarter, show economic growth above 5%.”


Iran News in Brief – March 21, 2022

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