Protests are taking over Iran

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Mansoureh Galestan
Bushehr municipal workers went on strike over not receiving their paychecks for four months on June 29
Reports indicate there have been numerous protests across Iran by people from all walks of life. These protests once again confirm that Iran is filled with unrest right now as people from all occupations take to the streets in protest over unfair treatment by the Iranian regime and its affiliates.

Workers from the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company in Shush, southwest Iran, continued their strike for the 16th consecutive day on Tuesday, this time gathering outside the Shush governorate building. Reports indicate that all workers in the “Agriculture, Factory, Livestock, Mechanical, Administrative and Infrastructure” sections of the factory have been on strike since June 15, 2020. “On June 16, 2020, about 800 workers from different parts of the company again protested in the industrial area of the company due to non-payment of their salaries and claims and uncertainty about their job status.”

On Monday, Bushehr municipal workers went on strike over not receiving their paychecks for four months or their promised new year bonuses from March 20, the start of the new Iranian year.

One protester said: “Workers were on strike for not receiving their paychecks and new year bonuses. They had every right to protest. [Officials] do not need to do anything in this city. Just see to the demands of these people. Each month they do something against these poor workers. We need to evaluate their paychecks and only then we realize how troubling the situation actually is.”


Elsewhere, in Bandar Abbas, operators of the Hormozgan High Voltage Sites gathered in front of the regional Electricity Department to demand the immediate clarification of their job statuses, saying that local officials are delaying necessary measures. Their colleagues at other high voltage sites have held similar rallies in recent weeks.

Nurses in Gilan province gathered in front of the head office of the Gilan Medical Sciences University to protest the refusal to abide by promises over their job statuses.

As protests continue, the regime’s media outlets are voicing more concern over the re-emergence of nationwide protests. The regime’s 40 years of mismanagement, oppression, wrong economic policies and now its mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis, has turned the Iranian society into a powder keg on the verge of explosion.

Mostaghel daily said that this is another year where many Iranians are homeless or too many are crammed into a too-small home, while most of their income is spent on necessities.

Aftab-e Yazd wrote: “When the people have nothing to lose, they will let go of life itself. Something must be done before the situation gets worse.”

While Hashem Hashemzadeh Herisi, a member of the Assembly of Experts, warned: “The current situation of the society is unbearable. The distance between the people and the establishment grows every day… The situation is very critical. We can’t sit by and let the system [regime] die.”

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