Members of Iranian German Community Slam MSC Initiative to invite Reza Pahlavi, Son of the Shah

Written by
Shamsi Saadati

At a rally held on February 17th to protest the crackdown on protesters and regime crimes against humanity, attendees also condemned the invitation of Reza Pahlavi to the Munich Security Conference side event. Members of the Iranian German Community expressed their outrage and recalled that the move is sending a wrong message to the people of Iran who have put their lives on the line to resist and fight the dictatorship in the last 120 years of their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Farid Mahoutchian, Legal Advisor of the JU-Hamburg:

The people of Iran are vigilant and despise the Shah and the mullah! No matter how much the biased media, their pundits who are being paid by the West, and the regional dictators attempt to impose their preferred phony alternatives upon us; the truth of Iran’s society and its political realm is different.

During the 155 days of their uprising, the people of Iran conveyed clear messages to the world. Their pounding slogans were telling of their determination and will to struggle. Last night, the people of Tehran were chanting “The Basij and IRGC agents are the ISIS of Iran”.

But what is Shah’s descendant saying? He openly states: “I rely on these very security forces, the IRGC members and Basij forces.” But the people of Zahedan are chanting today: “No to monarchy, no to the rule of the Supreme Leader, we want democracy and equality”.

The Shah’s descendant says: “Now it’s not the time to talk about the type of state we want in the future.”

Just like Khomeini, he wants to present the revolution to the Iranian people in a black box with closed doors. He’s saying this after the bloody experience of a hijacked anti-monarchial revolution and 120,000 martyrs. But he and his masters who invest in him, as well as the biased media are all wrong. This phony opposition is out of touch with the people of Iran. It is unable to solve the problems of the youth who are protesting on the streets.

Pegah Jahanmiri:

Since childhood, I came to learn about the People’s Mojahedin Organization. But at a certain age, I independently and consciously decided to support them. I was fascinated by their longing to help other people, to stand up for a free Iran and to commit themselves to that cause. Because despite all their suffering caused by the regime and those who kept putting hindrances on their way, they kept fighting. I had never experienced so much sacrifice for justness. I admire the values they stand for.

Our generation says no to the monarchy. Though there has been the illusion of a fake opposition that wants to fool us with the remnants of the monarchy. A bogus opposition with football players and Hollywood stars. Years of appeasement policy have now come to an end. For many years, it was the West who mirrored the erroneous image of this regime and thereby it is responsible for the regime’s survival this long. It was the Western appeasement policy that fed the regime’s terrorism and led to the drone attacks of this regime in Ukraine.

Stop supporting the terror regime in Iran. Apply further sanctions and proscribe the IRGC as a terror organization. Every support for this regime is treason against the Iranian people and all those who died striving for freedom.

Maliheh Malek-Mohammad:

In recent months, German officials have repeatedly said they side with the people of Iran in these protests. Also, the President of the Munich Security Conference has announced he wants to provide a platform for the Iranian civil society. We are here to say if you have heard the slogans of the people of Iran during the last five months, if you have heed the people of Sistan and Baluchistan province, who are shouting right now, there are some main slogans that has been echoed throughout the country: “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to the dictator” and “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader”.

“The people of Iran loathe any form of dictatorship… To the MSC organizers I say, inviting the remnants of the deposed Shah has no effect other than playing into the mullahs’ hand for deflecting the uprising. Despite the extensive support of Europe and the United States of his father, while the Shah was boasting about being a superpower, nothing did serve him. In the end, he smelted like snow facing the huge waves of the revolution. This only caused hatred and anger among the Iranian people. The remnants of the hated monarchy, supported by the torturers of SAVAK, those who change stances wherever interests lie, those who have been crawling out of the clerical regime just recently, they have no place in this revolution.”

Former national football player Bahram Mavadat:

The invitation of Reza Pahlavi as a remnant of the extinct monarchial regime is a shameful act and an insult to the people of Iran. This discourteous move practically means turning a blind eye to the atrocities of the brutal Shah regime and trying to legitimize the crackdown, torture, and execution of people and freedom fighters by the SAVAK. Therefore, as athletes and members of the Resistance who have taken part in the 1979 revolution against the Shah, along with millions of our fellow countrymen and women, we declare that inviting Shah’s son on behalf of the MSC is striking and bewildering many Iranians who seek freedom.

Khomeini hijacked our dreams and desires. Committing unprecedented horrific crimes, prolonged and expanded by Khamenei has enabled the deposed remnants of Shah’s regime to exploit the opportunity. Absent principal decision-making by the United States and European countries in recognizing the NCRI and supporting Iran’s uprising, now the supporters of Pahlavi have launched their initiative. Onboarding people like the former SAVAK Chief Parviz Sabeti and using mantras like “unity” and “all together”, they dream to resurrect the ousted regime. These people have the same manners as SAVAK, trying to intimidate our compatriots in rallies.

We reaffirm loud and clear that Shah’s son cannot be the representative of the Iranian people who is fighting for freedom and democracy. In the last 44 years, he has failed to perform any effective accomplishments against the regime. His means to run new initiatives with his SAVAK accomplices is his father’s dictatorship.

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