Manel Msalmi Calls for Tough Policy Against Terror Regime in Iran

Manel Msalmi international affairs advisor at the European Parliamen 1
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Shamsi Saadati

At the Nowruz rally in Brussels, Manel Msalmi, President of the Belgian Liberal Party (MR) Women section in Brussels and President of the Association for The Defense of Minorities in Brussels, expressed her support for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran. Calling on western leaders and lawmakers to adopt a firm policy against the Iranian regime, she denounced the oppression of the Iranian people, the regime’s terrorism in the Middle East, and the policy of hostage-taking and blackmail.

Below are Manel Msalmi’s remarks at the Nowruz Rally in Brussels:


Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, dear sisters in Iran, I’m really happy today to be here and to share my speech and my feelings and thoughts with you. I would like to express my gratitude and all my support to my Belgian friends, activists here of Iranian descent, for all the jobs, and all the hard work they are doing to raise awareness regarding the situation of women in Iran. But also, I would like to support my Iranian sisters and support the Iranian resistance.

The Iranian people have paid a heavy price for their freedom. We must support them and let them know that Europe and the international community do care about human rights, their freedom, about justice, about a republic, democratic, secular, and republic that respects human and women’s rights.

I strongly condemn the poisoning of girls at schools, which is clearly an attempt of the regime to silence young women and girls and to make them subordinate. But these young women fearlessly stood up and protested against the brutal dictatorship. They reject any form of dictatorship and call for the establishment of a democratic and secular republic. And that’s why we had slogans in the streets calling neither Shah nor Mullah. All the Iranian people are calling for a democratic, secular, and independent republic.

It is no coincidence that women have such an active role in the protest in Iran for a secular and democratic republic. It is [because of the] four decades struggle led by the Iranian democratic opposition and Mrs. Rajavi. Her remarks to the Belgian parliament are really swacking. No to forced governance, no to forced religion, and no to forced hijab. It is a clear message that women decide for themselves.

Our gathering today is timely because foreign ministers are meeting here to take decisions. We must be firm with the regime against the repression of the Iranian people, against terrorism in the Middle East, and also against the policy of hostage-taking and blackmail.

And here I would like to show my solidarity with the families of the victims of people who are hostages now in Iran, from Ahvazi to the Kurdish people, to all the people who are now victims of being hostages and who risk the death penalty. No to death, executions, and the death penalty in Iran.

Following the recent uprisings, we passed a resolution here in the Belgian parliament, which calls for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to be added to the EU terrorist list and the European Parliament is trying to do the same by sanctioning a lot of the IRGC personalities [authorities].

The IRGC has long time terrorized its own citizens and supported terrorism around the world. And we need to protect Iranian citizen against any kind of terrorism, against any aggression, and also what the police is doing with young girls to force them to wear the hijab is completely horrible. I know that this rally coincides today with the Iranian new year, Nowruz. I really hope that this new year will bring freedom, democracy, and justice.

Free Iran!

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