Live Report: Second Day Of “Free Iran World Summit 2021” With European-Arab Dignitaries


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Hamideh Taati

Free Iran world summit 2021

The Iranian Resistance is holding the second day of its annual “Free Iran World Summit 2021” on Sunday, Jul 11, pledging to pursue the effort to bring about democratic regime change in Iran with the country on the verge of seismic shifts.
On Sunday the main focus of the support provided by global dignitaries will be voices from all over Europe and the Arab world with dozens of speakers scheduled to express their solidarity with the Iranian people.
Saturday’s opening day even witnessed international dignitaries and opposition supporters attending this largest-ever online event include 1,029 politicians, 11 former Prime Ministers, and 70 former ministers. This virtual event is linking people across more than 50,000 locations throughout 105 countries calling on the global community to support the Iranian people in their strive to overthrow the oppressive theocracy ruling Iran.
The free Iran Global Summit is the voice of the largest organized resistance in Iran, echoing the call for the clerical regime’s overthrow and the voice of the Iranian people’s democratic alternative.

This page presents a live report of this event. Its content will be updated throughout the day:
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

“Our message to the international community, especially after the regime has closed ranks and installed a mass murderer as its president, is that it should not make concessions to a nuclear-armed butcher,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), in her address to the conference. “And not to provide assistance to the mullahs who are on the brink of collapse.”

Mrs. Rajavi stressed that the Iranian regime has continued its aggressions across the globe “while the Iranian people have no water, electricity, or bread. The power outages happen even as Iran sits on a sea of oil and one can easily accommodate the people’s electricity needs. Tens of millions of people are fed up with this situation and are getting angry.”

Mrs. Rajavi described the West’s policy toward Iran as “a vicious cycle of deception and appeasement.”

“While the regime has been hiding its nuclear program by deceiving the world, the international community has been trying to stop or curb this project by granting concessions or by showing complacency,” Rajavi said.

After reciting the regime’s history of deceiving world powers and secretly continuing its nuclear program, Mrs. Rajavi said, “It is clear how the regime continued to advance towards developing an atomic bomb at every step by deceiving the world and receiving concessions. The result is that Khamenei is building a bomb and will not stop. Any agreement he signs to reduce these activities, and any promise he makes, are pure lies.”

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that “any agreement that does not completely close down the regime’s bomb-making, enrichment and nuclear facilities is unacceptable. And the Iranian people will not accept it.”

The opposition president also the regime must also be obliged “to withdraw the Revolutionary Guard Crops (IRGC) from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.”

And finally, any agreement that doesn’t take into account the brutal human rights violations in Iran and does not oblige the mullahs to stop torturing and executing young Iranians will be unacceptable, Mrs. Rajavi said.

“Anything less, in any wrapping, is tantamount to caving in to the mullahs’ nuclear catastrophe,” she said, adding that the nuclear weapons program is “an important part of Khamenei’s strategy to escape his overthrow.”

But overthrow is a fate that the regime cannot escape, Mrs. Rajavi emphasized. “Despite all these sufferings, the Iranian people and their Resistance are determined to overthrow the religious dictatorship. And it will not matter if the regime is nuclear armed or not, we will overthrow it,” she said.

Baroness Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons

The people of Iran were not given a choice, but they made their choice very clear indeed. When the time came their choice was a resounding national boycott of the regime’s phony election.

The people showed to the Iranian dictators and to the world that they want genuine change and not a masquerade of statesman.

I admire the role of women are taking on the courage they demonstrate in so doing for world leaders and the international community.

Sir David Amess, British MP

After Raisi emerged as president in Iran the United Kingdom, European Union, and United States of America must unite behind the NCRI, its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and the people of Iran because they are our best allies to secure a free Iran. I’m delighted to announce that so far over 100 of my colleagues have signed that very strong statement on Iran and here it is in the red book from the House of Lords and the green book from the House of Commons and this statement rejects the brutal religious dictatorship in Iran and supports the Iranian Resistance and Madame Rajavi.

We call on our governments to adopt a firm policy vis-a-vis the regime in Iran and to hold its leaders to account for suppressing the Iranian people engaging in terrorism in Europe meddling in the region and taking hostage individuals with dual citizenship. We also call for the imposition of tougher sanctions as long as the Iranian regime continues with its rogue behavior.

Raisi’s appointment brazenly displays the contempt the fundamentalist government has for any kind of positive dialogue or reform.

David Jones, Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group since 2020, MP for Cloud West since 2005

Madam Rajavi, you and your movement have spearheaded the quest for freedom you called for a boycott of the sham presidential election, and the majority of Iranians answered your call in a clear rejection of the theocratic dictatorship.

In a sign of clear weakness and desperation, the regime and its supreme leader chose a man who has been called the butcher of the 1988 massacre, Ebrahim Raisi, as their president.

The UK should now press the United Nations to launch an independent inquiry into the 1988 massacre. The families of the victims and the entire Iranian people deserve that justice.

I and my colleagues will continue to petition the United Kingdom government to stand with the Iranian people in their pursuit of justice and to recognize the NCRI led by Madam Rajavi as the viable democratic alternative to the regime in Iran.

Baroness Sandy Verma, Former UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development

You can see there is truly a democratic alternative that has a plan as well as popular international support to provide the people of Iran with a viable roadmap to establish a free and democratic and secular republic which will bring Iran out of the dark to find its rightful place amongst the free nations of the world.

Madam Rajavi has reflected active leadership for the women of Iran’s most organized opposition the PMOI.

The future of Iran is determined by its people, and they have risen under the leadership of women to secure a free and democratic Iran. The UK and the West and the rest of the world should stand by you, recognizing and backing the popular struggle for democratic change in Iran led by NCRI.

Along with my colleagues in the British Parliament across all parties we will do everything in our power to ensure that we take Ebrahim Raisi to court and make him pay for the crimes against humanity.

Steve McCabe, British MP for Birmingham Selly Oak since 2010

We should have listened to the opposition years ago instead of practicing appeasement. We might have avoided giving so much in return for so little over nuclear weapons.

We have a second chance. We’ve seen the farce of the latest presidential election in Iran. We’ve witnessed the treachery over the nuclear deal. Now is the time to stand with the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.

Bob Blackman, British MP

There is strong support for bringing the mass murderers to justice, including a sham election of the president of Iran who of course was responsible for the 1988 massacre.

We’re going to take the mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi to court. We call on the United Nations Security council to refer him to the International Criminal Court and try him as a criminal against humanity.

Dr. Matthew Offord, MP for Hendon

Madam Rajavi, this great Free Iran summit and the huge support this resistant movement has inside and outside of Iran with over 1,000 parliamentarians of political dignitaries from all five continents throughout the world clearly shows the vast support that you have.

Today, we have seen the selection of a known perpetrator of gross human rights violations Ebrahim Raisi as the next president in Iran meanwhile the regime continues to rich uranium to 65% without any credible civilian use and refuses to cooperate with either the IAEA or the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran.

Any honest observer today can see that the Iranian people want a different Iran, an Iran free from the religious dictatorship. This outcry for freedom is summarized by Madame Rajavi in her ten-point plan.

Philippe Gosselin, French MP representing the Manche Department

The French parliamentarians are by your side. I give you my full support after the election of Raisi, who bears heavy responsibility for the 1988 massacre and the massacre of 2019. The international community must react. We ask the Foreign Minister and Foreign Ministry and the international community to mobilize for a different policy toward Iran.

The people of Iran are suffering. It is important for the international community to show the way forward and support president Rajavi.

Michèle de Vaucouleurs, French MP

We are in solidarity with the cause of freedom of Iran and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. We support the fight against terrorism. We are proud to call on our authorities to take action on Iran’s terrorist activities and its repression of its people. The recent election in Iran has confirmed there are no moderates in Iran.

French MP Herve Saulignac

We have the responsibility to say we condemn this regime that threatens the world. Our duty is to call on the government to stand up to its responsibility.

French MP André Chassaigne

The regime destabilizes the Middle East. Instability in the region comes from the Iranian regime. The regime is a real threat for France, too. Its ballistic missile program and its expansionism have become a real problem. The regime is also on the decline. We can see more and more demonstrations. The regime postures as a regional power, but this is a smoke screen that hides the regime’s fragility. This is why the regime has appointed a butcher as its president.

French MP Yannick Favennec, member of the Defense Committee of the French Parliament

On one side we have increased poverty and misery and on the other side we have those who are wasting money on military and nuclear ambitions. The money is in the hands of the mullahs. Meanwhile, we have a growing resistance movement inside Iran, the workers, the petrochemical sector workers, etc. Despite the repression, the internal resistance is growing. We know what this means. This movement is led by youth who support the MEK. Continue your fight. We support your movement.

Alain Vivien, former French advising minister in foreign affairs

The election masquerade in Iran does not fool anyone. The regime is trying to divert attention from its problems. The people boycotted this election.

The regime is running out of breath due to their own mismanagement. The moment has come to support the Iranian people. The mullahs’ monarchy has maintained its hold on power through the massacre of thousands of people. But the Iranian Resistance continues to stand its ground.

It’s time to support the resistance of the Iranian people. First, we need to stop the armed interventions of the mullahs in the countries of the region. And we must stop the regime’s war-like actions in developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The world needs a new, free, strong, and peaceful Iran. This is what the people of Iran wish for, especially the youth. Let’s support them.

Jean-François Legaret, co-president of the Committee of French Representatives for a Democratic Iran, former Mayor of Paris 1st District

The regime’s election is outrageous and an insult to democracy. We cannot qualify this regime as a democratic state. There’s no room for freedom in this regime. The new head of state oversaw repression and executions in Iran.

The mullahs’ regime is not capable of dealing with the covid pandemic. The state is ruining the Iranian society. And the new president is part and parcel of the corrupt elite. He is incapable of governing Iran.

It is important for us to share your hopes and your program Madame Rajavi.

Jean-Pierre Muller, former mayor of Magny-en-Vexin and member of the Departmental Council of Val d’Oise

This regime does not respect human rights. Raisi was responsible for the massacre of prisoners in 1988. The Iranians are going through an economic crisis and a health crisis. The people are revolting. They organized an uprising in 2019. The regime can’t escape its fate.

We support you and are on your side. Your ten-point plan is a source of inspiration for Western countries.

MEP Antonio López-Istúriz White, Secretary-General of the European People’s Party

We all know these are difficult times for Iranians. The pandemic has wreaked havoc and the sham presidential election, which was loudly boycotted by the Iranian people, proves once more that regime cannot be trusted.

The international community must respond adequately and hold Raisi it to account for his past and future actions. The European Union itself has tools at his disposal for this and we should make use of it.

Raisi’s rise to power is a direct consequence of the international community’s appeasement towards Iran. It is another proof that much like we have seen over the past 40 years this regime is incapable of reforms.

The right policy should not just focus on the regime’s nuclear weapons program but also its ballistic missile program, its sponsoring of terrorism, its regional malign influence, and its human rights violations. All these elements should be part of a coherent and comprehensive policy towards the regime.

The European Union and the international community should stand with the people of Iran in their quest for freedom.

MEP Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Donald Tusk’s cabinet between 2007 and 2014

How can the regime even expect us to meet with [Raisi], to talk to this person? How can we conduct politics with a butcher like that? It’s not a sign of hope it’s a sign of the regime being intransigent and of defying the world and international norms.

Iran will one day build a secular democracy that respects the rule of law and human rights. Iran and the people of Iran will join the family of free and prosperous nations.

Polish MEP Anna Fotyga

Iran’s elections are a humiliation for all of the international community. We stand with you to protect the rights of the Iranian people. The people of Iran deserve to live in democracy.

Spanish MEP Francisco Javier Zarzalejos Nieto

Someone under the most serious accusations of crimes against humanity has been installed as the next president in Iran. It is an appalling evidence that Ebrahim Raisi based his career on promoting, encouraging, and ordering the massive killing of 30,000 political prisoners. Raisi publicly defended these killings as one of the proud achievements of the system.

We cannot have business as usual. We cannot close our eyes to human rights violations and the repression of women. We cannot ignore the Iranian regime of terrorism. We have to show our commitment to democracy and human rights, and our support for the Iranian people.

The threats of terrorism and abduction by the clerical regime doubles the need for a firm policy vis-a-vis the regime.

Ahmad Fatfat, Lebanon’s Interior Minister (2006)

Iran should be free, but it is suffering from this regime just as we suffer from the Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is launching destructive wars in the Gulf. They created religious sedition and have instigated many wars, causing suffering for the people of the region.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah with the backing of the regime in Iran, is destroying our country. It is destroying the economy, exactly as it has happened in Iran. To stand in front of the mullahs’ regime, we need cooperation between our people. We must refuse the mullahs’ rule. We must promote peace and collaboration.

We must pressure Europe and the U.S. to avoid the trap of the nuclear deal. Some European countries are giving concessions to the regime even if it comes at the cost to the people of Iran and the region. We in Lebanon completely support you. The democratic resistance is a support for us. We are on the same boat.

MEP Milan Zver, former Minister of Education and Sports of Slovenia

I fully support the aspirations of the Iranian people who want to live in a free, stable, inclusive, and democratic country. I strongly condemned the detention of protesters and torture of prisoners and mass executions by the Iranian regime. This is simply unacceptable in the modern world. We need to do our utmost to stop this massive human rights violations.

I have continuously appealed to the European Commission and Council to raise human rights violation as a core component of the bilateral relation with Iran and to impose targeted sanctions against those responsible for human rights abuses.

MEP Petras Austrevicius from Lithuania

The recent so-called elections in Iran really didn’t surprise us. The mullahs regime does everything in order to keep its system intact. It’s against the people’s will and against the brighter future of Iran.

We will do everything in order to support the future of Iran’s people based on their will and democratic development.

MEP Franc Bogovič from Slovenia

They Iranian people demand democratic change and the establishment of a democratic republic that rejects both the Shah and mullahs’ dictatorships.

Those who invested in this regime in vain hoping to find moderates can now see the result of this simple truth that there is no moderate within murderous dictatorships.

MEP Raffaele Fitto, Former Italian Minister

We are saying once again that our commitment to support you. We want a democratic and secular Iran. All of Europe has shown its support but it is important to do more.

We know that Iran just wants to have any president to try and eliminate any resistance.

In Western countries we must call for a change. We must request the respect of human rights within the country. The EU and its Member States cannot turn a blind eye to the Iranian people who are suffering.

We’ve seen that the election has been boycotted. This is a clear sign that the Iranian people no longer tolerate this regime. It is important to fully support the Iranian people and the resistance movement which are fighting for a free Iran. Only this way will we be able to put an end to the regime.

We need to work together with the Iranian Resistance. We need to strengthen our relationship in support of the Iranian people.

We must condemn Iran’s terrorist attacks in Europe including the assassinations of dissidents in the Middle East and Europe.

The conference featured videos from Iranians across Iran, expressing their support for the MEK and the NCRI. From industrial workers to teachers, bakers, athletes, farmers, retirees, and all walks of life from all of Iran’s provinces, the people expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Iranian Resistance and their hope for living in a free Iran.

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria

The NCRI is not only serving its own people, but it is serving stability and peace across the region and the world. It’s clear that standing with this resistance against the regime is our duty. Long live the MEK and the NCRI. We stand with you.

General Ashraf Rifi, former minister of justice of Lebanon

The history and culture of Iran have been destroyed by this regime. The spirit of democracy is the natural starting point to build a new Iran. But today, Iran is in the opposite direction. The regime is insulting the concept of democracy through its sham election. The new president, Ebrahim Raisi, is sanctioned by the international community for his rights abuses.

We need to stand fast behind the NCRI. The regime is trying to stop these efforts and continue to expand its interests. I salute the Iranian people who have suffered from the regime, as have the people of Lebanon and other countries of the region.

Dr. Riyadh Yassin, Yemen’s Ambassador to France

This regime is supporting the Houthi militias in our country. It is instigating terrorism and killings in the region. Today we are witnessing an increase in Iran’s meddling in our country. Our country is still suffering from the atrocities of the war started by the Iranian militias.

We are confident victory will come, inside Iran as well as the region where Iran’s militias are wreaking havoc. We will never lose hope. We are sure that there is no other path than the restoration of peace and stability.

Bassam Al-Omoush, former Jordanian minister and former ambassador to Iran

This regime does not give anything to the people. The people don’t have freedom or democracy. Everyone knew in advance that Raisi would become president. It is a fake democracy.

We wish to have good relations with the Iranian people, but the regime is meddling in our countries. We wish for change in Iran. This regime is a religious tyranny, wasting the people’s money on bombs and terrorism and atrocities.

Saleh Al-Qalab, former Minister of Culture and Information of Jordan

The free world stands behind you. The mullahs are against history. It is a backward and brutal movement. This regime will be overthrown inevitably.

This tyranny cannot continue to rule this great nation. It is against history. The world, especially Arab nations, need to stand with you and your people in your struggle against this regime.

Edmond Spaho, head of the Democratic Party in the Albanian Parliament


Albania has always been in support all those who are suppressed by dictatorial regime in Iran. We express our deep concerns about ongoing human rights violations in Iran.

We condemn all these brutal atrocities and killings of innocent people. As part of Albania’s foreign policy against terrorism our government expelled the Iranian ambassador in Albania as well as three diplomats of the Iranian embassy for their engagements in terrorist plots against the MEK in Tirana.

Members of the Albanian Parliament from the Democratic Party of Albania support the National Council of Resistance of Iran as the legitimate alternative to bring about peace and freedom in Iran.

Elona Gjebrea, Secretary of the Albanian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee

The installing of Raisi reflects the desperation and the overthrow of ruling theocracy. Raisi must face justice in the international tribunal. Most of the members of the Albanian Parliament support the national uprising of the Iranian people and their just resistance for freedom and democracy.

Former Albanian MP Namik Koplikut

We have the moral obligation to support you. This regime represents evil. We will fight against the mullahs, and we will support the aspirations of the Iranian people to live in a free and secular and non-nuclear country.

Klevis Balliu, former Albanian MP

Madame Rajavi’s alternative is an alternative based on freedom of speech, the values of democracy and human rights, which is exactly the values and the rights that the Iranian people are fighting for.

I’d like to congratulate you once again on your amazing and very inspiring work and express my support for the fight of democracy in Iran.

Prof Dr Rita Süssmuth, former Speaker of the German Bundestag, former Federal Minister

The regime shies away from changes that are so urgent and indispensable for the people. But there are alternatives. Yes, there is a resistance and there is new beginning. There is courage that the great organization of President Maryam Rajavi has developed with her ten-point plan.

You should be able to live in a world where you can freely develop and shape your life, and this will only be possible if we support such an alternative.

Maryam Rajavi fights with a whole series of emancipated women. Women are not only the force of change but also the force that is building the future. Women are strong and live responsibly, and this belongs to the future of Iran.

Albanian MP Orjola Pampuri

In Albania dictators are not forever. It is the same in Iran. We are happy to see that the winds of change for freedom is blowing. We are aware that as long as there is a supreme leader who is the only empowered figure, because of repression at home and advocating terrorism abroad, the world will not see a free Iran.

We therefore are united to support your goal and efforts to bring freedom and democracy to Iran under the great leadership of Madame Rajavi.

Martin Patzelt, Member of German Bundestag

We as Europeans searched in vain for moderates in Iran for years. We made two big mistakes: we set on hopes on an illusion that could never become the truth and we excluded the democratic alternative to this regime, which is the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Nationwide boycotts of the presidential election in Iran have revealed that the regime has completely lost trust of the people. On the other hand, it shows that the resistance enjoys popular support.

Kees de Vries, Member of German Bundestag

The fact that the majority of the Iranian friends has certified the illegitimacy of this regime by abstaining from the election is important. I stand by the Iranian people on the path to freedom and democracy.

Lucio Malan, Senator and Secretary-General of the Italian Senate – Member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Enough with appeasement. We must acknowledge that in Tehran there is a clerical regime whose only principle is to increase its power. The western world must stop pretending to think that Iran is a real democracy, and it must acknowledge the real situation. It must recognize the resistance in Iran led by Maryam Rajavi.

Italian MP Antonio Tasso

The theocracy has reached its final stage. Raisi is the only face of the regime, a cruel regime. Now the people have shown that they don’t want this regime and the western world. Europe and Italy must be by the side of the Iranian people and of the organized resistance.

The regime is not the solution to the problem. The regime is the cause of the problem. The Iranian people must see that we are with them in their fight for freedom and democracy in their country.

I ask Europe and Italy to choose human dignity, honesty, courage, rights, and freedom. We must support the right side of history.

Italian MP Stefania Pezzopane

For a long time, I have been following the situation of the Iranian people with great interest and the work of the Iranian Resistance of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Once again, I would like to assure you that I fully support your right cause for freedom and democracy in Iran.

We will continue to insist on the fact that our relations with Iran must be conditioned to the improvement of the human rights. This is a priority. We should not give up our convictions and the EU must not accept to have someone like the current president as a reference point for Iran.

Kimmo Sasi, former Finnish Minister for Transport and Communications

Iran is unfortunately a dictatorship. It means soft nice talk will not help. The only way to come forward to make a change is through popular revolution.

It is now time for the European Union to act up to her expectations. It means the EU must defend human rights.

It’s very important that the EU brings all the crimes of the Iranian regime to the International Court of Law to guarantee that these people cannot escape the proceedings of the court of law.

It’s time for the European Union to cooperate with Iranian people and give all the resources to the people in Iran to use to make a better world.

Edvard Júlíus Sólnes, Former Ministers for the Environment, Iceland

Presidential elections in Iran are only for show. The election proved clearly that any reform in the regime is impossible. The resistance has said this time and time again. Those who wanted to empower “moderates” within the regime are now faced with the reality. The regime has only contempt for western democracies.

I say to all political leaders: Do you really think you’re dealing with a democratic government in Iran? No, they are a bunch of criminals.

I express my respect for the NCRI and Madam Rajavi.

Uffe Elbaek, Former Minister of Culture in Denmark

We stand in solidarity with the people of Iran. You deserve to live in a democratic republic. Iran’s election was not free and the man who became president is a criminal. I support Mrs. Rajavi and her plan for human rights and a democratic Iran.

Former Norwegian MP Lars Rise

The regime will continue to conspire whether in the field of terrorism against resistance or threats against the foreign people who support this resistance. We are committed to supporting the overthrowing of the regime by MEK and NCRI as soon as possible and we believe that this day is not far away.

The so-called president [of the regime] is in a completely wrong place. He should be in the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

I congratulate President Madame Rajavi with her efforts to bring democracy freedom and human rights to Iran.

Azzam al-Ahmad, President of Fatah faction in the Palestinian Parliament

In Palestine, we are proud of our friendship and brotherhood with the Iranian Resistance, which goes back more than half a century. We stand up against injustice and human rights violations. You have been so brave. We in Palestine are struggling, too. We are struggling to obtain our independence.

Despite the suffering that is inflicting on you and us, we will triumph through our determination and organization. Your organization draws the jealousy of your enemies. You will be able to overcome the barriers. The Iranian Resistance, led by my dear brother Massoud Rajavi, will reach victory. The mullahs’ regime will never defeat you.

No one will stop us. You are our loyal friends, and we are yours. The worldwide participation in your summit is proof of the righteousness of your cause.

You and we, we fight for a right cause.

Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela, Women’s rights advocate

Under the current dictatorship in Iran, women are unable to leave their houses without being accompanied, unable to attend school, unable to work unless permitted by their husbands, and are mandated to wear hijabs whenever in public.

We call upon the international community to condemn and demonize such acts against them. They need to support the people of Iran against this brutal regime. We must acknowledge the brave women and men who have laid their lives and given everything against the system.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran led by its president-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is the Iranian people’s opposition to the current regime. It is a four-decade old coalition of democratic forces that have persevered against the mullahs.

Aude de Thuin, Founder and President of the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society – France

We have to cry out to the world. We can’t remain silent against this regime. Women have an important role to play. In Iran, they led the 2019 protests. They are courageous. They send courageous messages. We cannot close our eyes to what is happening in Iran.

Valentina Leskaj, Vice-President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly – Albania

This conference is a testimony of great support for the resistance and the strong commitment of the organizers and PMOI leadership.

The Iranian regime has shown that they do not change, they don’t listen to their people who protest in the streets, and they don’t listen to the international community.

In my international activities I have seen so many Iranian women who have bravely chosen to fight for human rights and justice against the dictatorship. But I strongly believe that the PMOI has given us a strong message regarding women’s rights.

This resistance has shown respect for women rights and justice when they choose to have Madame Rajavi, a woman leader in front of the mullahs.

Dominique Attias, former deputy chair of the Lawyers Guild of Europe

What is Europe going to do with a regime that is led by a criminal? The 1988 massacre was a crime against humanity. Europe didn’t say anything because of their economic interests. How are we going to make our people believe that we stand for human rights?

We can’t tolerate this situation. We must have an inquiry to make some clarifications about this crime. Iranians must be aware of what is happening and that their government can be condemned. This inquiry commission is very important.

Europe is playing the regime’s game. We lawyers of Europe cannot tolerate this silence. We must do something. EU must end its silence, or they will lose all their credibility.

Ranjana Kumari, Director of Centre for Social Research (India)

Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point plan on women’s freedom inequality is tomorrow’s Iran, which I fully support. It is a plan against the 40 years of old misogynist laws that rule Iran. It includes respecting fundamental freedom and rights, equality before the law, and equal participation in political leadership.

The women of the resistance have attained an incredible ability to make sacrifices.

When you target the mullahs’ misogyny you are aiming at the heart of their ideology. This is why it is important to stand with Mrs. Rajavi and the women of Iran.

Swiss MP Laurence Fehlmann Rielle

The women of Iran have stood against the misogynistic regime of Iran. The Iranian Resistance is a source of hope for the women of Iran. They deserve our support in restoring democracy in Iran. We will continue our campaign to rally Swiss parliamentarians to support the struggle of the people of Iran.

I call on the Swiss government and other governments of the world to end the appeasement policy and hold the Iranian regime and its president Ebrahim Raisi to account for their crimes.

John Perry, Former Irish Government Minister

I join other speakers to support of the Iranian people’s demand for justice and call on the Irish government and the EU to use their prominent voice at the UN to demand an independent European investigation into the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran.

The regime does not have the best of its people on its agenda but rather invests billions of dollars from the country’s wealth to advance its nuclear program and its certainly destabilizing activities in the region.

The regime in Iran cannot be trusted with dialogue and sanctions relief but the only way forward is to stand firm and pressure Tehran to abandon its unacceptable behavior.

There exists an alternative to the regime, a democratic alternative that prioritizes the aspirations of the Iranian people.

Belgian MP Els Van Hoof, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Iran is at the bottom of the global gender gap index of the World Economic Forum and has even dropped ten places in two years’ time. Only five percent of Iranian parliamentarians are women. Only three percent out of the 27 million women are employed. Iranian women’s income constitutes only 18 percent of that of men. Women are constantly being discriminated in their daily life.

I think our government in Belgium as well as the EU should play a more active role in supporting the Iranian people’s struggle for their rights. All relations with Iran must be conditional on improvement of human rights and women’s rights.

MEP Mark Demesmaeker

Raisi, the executioner of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, is Khamenei’s last card for the regime’s survival.

That Ebrahim Raisi has been installed as president instead of being prosecuted for crimes against humanity is a tragic demonstration of the international community’s failure to address the structural crisis in Iran.

We support Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point plan and call for a change in the European policy of appeasement vis-a-vis the regime in Tehran.

Luis Leite Ramos, Vice-President of the PPE at the European Parliament

The mullahs should be tried by an international court for all the crimes they have committed. We cannot remain silent regarding Iran. It is really time to react now. We know that Raisi is a criminal and he should be tried. I don’t know how European leaders can accept this regime.

James Bezan, Canadian MP

Madam Rajavi’s ten-point plan clearly lays out our angle of a just, democratic, free and peaceful future for all Iranians.

The Government of Canada has refused to use sanctions against president Raisi, supreme leader Khamenei, former President Rouhani, and any other Iranian officials responsible for the ongoing human rights abuses against train citizens.

Terrorist atrocities committed against Canadians wherever they are in the world must be fully investigated by the proper authorities. It is simply not good enough to leave these matters in the hands of bloodthirsty terrorist regimes and take their word for what happened.

The IRGC is a terrorist entity I know that you know that the Parliament of Canada passed a motion to clear that in June 2018, and just last month the Superior Court of Ontario ruled the IRGC a terrorist organization.

I, along with other like-minded Canadian parliamentarians, pledge to fight for all pro-democracy Iranian activists and ensure Canada does more to support you in fulfilling your aspirations for a free and inclusive Iran.

Canadian MP Candice Bergen

I’m the deputy leader of Canada’s Conservative Party and I’m here to lend our support to the great movement for freedom in Iran. Canada’s conservatives support your desire and the work that you’re doing.

The people of Iran deserve freedom, equality, opportunity, and that horrible regime in Iran needs to be taken down, and so we support you.

Australian Senator Eric Abetz

Iran is the number one executioner of women in the world. The general failure so far of the international community to address the alarming human rights situation has emboldened the dictatorship to escalate their crimes.

We voice have strong concerns and urge for united action by the international community to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

Over the past few years, the Iranian people have clearly and loudly expressed their desire for genuine change and rejected the notion of moderates versus hardliners.

Robert Mitchell, Vice Speaker of the Australian Parliament

I want to see in Iran where there is a freedom of religion peace and friendship in the region. Iran must support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We support Mariam Rajavi’s ten-point plan for a free and democratic Iran.

Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former Vice President of the European Parliament, Chair of ISJ

There’s no excuse to appease the regime of Iran. There’s no doubt that the Iranian people are resolute to change this regime. This summit shows strong international support for the Iranian people and their resistance. To European leaders and regime appeasers: face the reality. Despite appeasement, the regime has given you no concession. You are discrediting yourself by continuing to appease the mullahs. If you don’t turn your back on the mullahs, you will be trampling upon European values that millions of people have died for.

Struan Stevenson, former President of European Parliament

According to the Tehran Times, Raisi may make Scotland his first international destination as president. Raisi has apparently been invited to attend the UN climate change conference in Glasgow from the 31st of October to the 12th of November.

But as we all know Raisi is on the U.S. sanctions list for serial human rights violations. He is a murderer and a perpetrator of genocide who has openly boasted of his role as a member of the death commission which oversaw the massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988.

I want to make it clear today that Raisi is not welcome in Scotland. The Scottish people do not like mass murderers. He is a pariah president of a pariah state, and he should be treated as such. There can be no impunity for mass murder and genocide.

Former MEP Paulo Casaca

Gone are the days of supposed reform. The regime intends to openly continue to its plundering and mismanagement of the country, to fuel the terrorists and expansionist apparatus, and to repress, imprison, and assassinate.

The democratic world should recognize the Iranian people right to full self-determination and to choose its government freely and democratically.

Our duty is to stop appeasing the fanatic terrorist expansionist Iranian regime and to stand with the Iranian people.

Afghan MP Fawzia Nasiryar Guldarye

Our people share language, religion, and pain. We have suffered from fundamentalism for years. The regime of Iran is spreading fundamentalism across the region. We the women of Afghanistan support the Iranian Resistance and Maryam Rajavi.

Tarek Mahdi Abdel Tawad, Former Chief of Staff – Egypt

The regime is preventing people from enjoying liberty and freedoms. But there is an Iranian opposition. I support you in the interest of my country and a stable region. We are fed up with fundamentalism. I salute you and wish for a better tomorrow and future in Iran and the Arab World.

Aiham Alsammarae, Iraq’s former Minister of Electricity (2003-2005)

We are fighting a common enemy: the mullahs’ regime and its proxies in Iraq. We need to overthrow this regime that is creating danger and chaos in the region. This regime created and nurtured ISIS. They destroyed our country with sectarian violence. We support the MEK and will continue to have our brotherly relations. We will not forget your support. We also support the NCRI and Madam Rajavi’s ten-point plan for the future of Iran. We stand behind you.

Moroccan Senator Khadija Al-Zumi

I respect and support Maryam Rajavi. She has defied dictatorship and all challenges. She has stood for democracy. We need to cherish as the women of the world. You are a role model that women will not accept anything less than justice, dignity, liberty, and equality. Defending democracy is a great responsibility on our shoulders. We stand behind Madam Rajavi.

Mohamed Amin Chakhari, former Tunisian Minister of Industry

The Shah, with all the support he had, wasn’t able to withstand the Iranian revolution. The mullahs’ regime will not be able to last either.

Muhammed Muqbel Al-Humairi, Former MP of Yemen

This regime has scattered millions of people across the world and oppressed their rights. We celebrate this annual summit with you and are proud of your struggle. The entire world has suffered at the hands of this regime. Therefore, we announce on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Yemen that we, too, are suffering from this regime. This is why we all have to stand in solidarity to topple this cancer that has spread in this region. We ask all international organizations to support the Iranian people because they face so much injustice. They are honorable people who seek life and peace.

Hatim al-Sir Sikingo, former Sudanese Minister of Trade & Transport

I speak as a voice of solidarity from Africa, from Sudan. We stand in solidarity with you in your national, legitimate struggle for freedom, democracy, and dignity. We will continue to put pressure to stop the regime from meddling in the affairs of other countries. The chaos being spread by the regime has nothing to do with the people of Iran. This is the policy of the regime. The people of Iran are paying the price of the regime’s warmongering.

Jordanian MP Ata Ebdah

The situation in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen is the result of the Iranian regime’s meddling, which is coming at the cost of the Iranian people’s lives. The people of Iran are living in poverty because of the regime’s policies. The regime is exporting fundamentalism and terrorism and wants to create an empire that it calls the Shiite Crescent.

This regime has now become very weak and fragile because of the blows they have received, and the boiling situation inside Iran and the international isolation. It is time for the international community to sever its relations with the regime. Otherwise, we will not witness peace in the region. The legitimate solution is to support the organized resistance led by Maryam Rajavi.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Kuwaiti journalist – Head of the Kuwaiti Press

The regime is waging war in the region in addition to repressing its own people. But the situation in Iran is boiling and Khamenei can’t control it. This is why he has brought Raisi as president. Khamenei isn’t looking for any way to reconcile and establish peace. He wants to continue to rule through oppression and killing and creating more wars in the region.

Therefore, I call on everyone to stand by the great Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance. The NCRI and Madam Rajavi are the only alternative to the regime of the mullahs. They represent tolerant Islam. The Arab and Islamic world must come together and get rid of this regime that has cause mayhem in our countries.



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