Live Report: End Iran Regime’s Terrorism, Shut Down Its Embassies – Day 3 of Free Iran Global Summit

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Free Iran Global Summit- Day 3, Iran Regime’s Terrorism
The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is holding a global seminar on the Iranian regime’s terrorist operations during the third day of the “Free Iran Global Summit” today, July 20, 2020.

The conference is being held virtually, connecting thousands of locations throughout the world to Ashraf 3, Albania, home to the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). This conference is over the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities across the world, by using its embassies. The conference and its panelists will urge the European countries to shut down the Iranian regime’s embassies, which are indeed emissaries of terror and nests of spies. The keynote speaker of this event is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s President-elect.


On Wednesday, July 1, the first session of the trial of Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian regime diplomat, who conducted and carried out the plan to bomb a massive Iranian opposition gathering on June 30, 2018, in Villepinte, Paris, began in the court of the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Earlier, the clerical regime planned a terrorist attack on the March 2018 Nowruz celebrations in Albania, accompanied by Mrs. Rajavi and a group of foreign guests, which was foiled and led to the expulsion of the regime’s ambassador and three other diplomats from Albania. Following the expulsion of regime’s ambassador from Albania, Mrs. Rajavi in a message emphasized that “the Iranian regime’s representations are epicenters for espionage and terrorism. Most regime diplomats are either Intelligence Ministry agents or IRGC officers or have received training on terrorism and espionage to serve that purpose. With the Iranian people calling for the mullahs’ overthrow in the streets, it is particularly important to adopt a decisive policy vis-à-vis the regime’s terrorism and shut down its embassies in other countries,”

Mrs. Rajavi stressed that in addition to Assadi and other terrorists arrested as perpetrators of the Paris bomb plot, the actual masterminds, namely Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi must be prosecuted. “This is necessary to stop the unbridled terrorism of the mullah,” she said.

The content of this live report will be updated throughout the day:

7:30 PM CEST

Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi

“Terrorism is the essence and fundamental nature of this regime and it is inseparable from it,” Mrs. Rajavi said in her keynote speech at the event.

The Iranian opposition President reiterated part of the long list of terror activities by the Iranian regime across the globe, especially against the Iranian resistance. “These are the methods used by the regime, and it is how the regime has held onto power over more than 40 years through suppression and terrorism,” Madam Rajavi emphasized.

The NCRI President also warned against the regime’s propaganda against the MEK, especially in the past few days and in the context of the Free Iran global rally. “In this way, they want to confront the impact of the Resistance’s annual gathering and, also, pave the way for their terrorist attacks,” Mrs. Rajavi explained. “This has been the clerical regime’s method which it does not abandon until the day it is overthrown by the Iranian people and the great Army of Freedom.”

Regarding the right policy to deal with the Iranian regime’s terrorism, Mrs. Rajavi noted that the policy of rapprochement has allowed the regime to continue its acts of terror. “It was not the power of the regime that made the expansion of its terrorism and fundamentalism possible, it was this appeasement policy,” NCRI President Rajavi said, adding that Iran’s mullahs have interpreted western governments’ appeasement or their turning a blind eye as a sign of weakness, encouraging them to increase their aggression.

Neither has the regime abandoned its terrorism as a result of incentives, Mrs. Rajavi reminded in her speech.

“The right policy can be summed up in a single word: firmness,” Mrs. Rajavi stressed. “That means firmly dispensing with everything that enables the regime’s terrorist activity, and firmly responding to every single criminal act.”

After detailing the regime’s covers and tactics for terrorist activities, the Iranian opposition President underscored, “The regime’s terrorism grows and expands under the shadow of silence, denial, ignorance, turning a blind eye and looking the other way. It is time for all this ignorance about the people of the world’s fate, security and peace to end.”


Mrs. Rajavi concluded her speech by laying out key measures that can stop the regime’s foreign terrorism in Europe, including the following:

Closure of the regime’s embassies.
Shutting down all centers of the regime’s espionage and terrorism, including front companies, cultural and educational centers, and religious associations funded by Tehran.
Blocking international financial transactions by individuals or front companies of the mullahs’ MOIS or IRGC Qods Force.
Expelling the regime’s agents and operatives who function under the cover of commercial, cultural, or religious activities, or disguise as journalists or opponents, refugees, or citizens.
Preventing security and intelligence services from communicating or contacting the regime’s MOIS or IRGC Qods Force.
6.Full and public exposure of the regime’s terrorist plots, operations and the identities of the MOIS and IRGC Qods Force agents and operatives active in Europe and the identities of the regime’s front entities and/or lobbies.

7.Effective legislation facilitating the expulsion of the regime’s MOIS and IRGC operatives from Europe and the U.S.

“I hope that all governments respond positively to these calls, because their own people’s interests and security depend on such acts of firmness,” Mrs. Rajavi said. “Any act of firmness against this regime and any steps taken against it, anywhere in the world, will aid the Iranian’s people’s struggle to overthrow the regime, and is in line with international peace and security.”



7:00 PM CEST

Gov. Tom Ridge, first United States Secretary of Homeland Security, from 2003 to 2005

Gov. Tom Ridge, first United States Secretary of Homeland Security, from 2003 to 2005.
“No enterprise, organization or government has undertaken such an extraordinary initiative with such results. If you take that mindset and relocate it inside Iran, what a different, positive place this country would be.

“The challenge we have is that the tentacles of terrorism still reach out from Tehran. Rouhani and the mullahs have turned their backs on the people of Iran. Instead of using their wealth to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Iran, they use it to export their terrorism and repression around the world.

“The mullahs and Rouhani oversee the Central Bank of terrorism. We have discovered that their embassies have become branch banks. In those embassies, they stimulate chaos and anti-government activities.

“What we have also discovered is that the peaceful path doesn’t work. Appeasement with the Iranian government will not lead to peace. It never has and never will. We need to ask these countries to rid themselves of the diplomatic core of the regime.

“As we have said during this three-day summit, it’s time for the world to embrace regime change, to recognize the NCRI, this incredible organization led by a leader who has been able to generate global support for her vision for a peaceful and non-nuclear Iran, which promotes gender equality and separation of church and state.

“I am very proud to be part of this group of NCRI supporters that grows larger every day. To the residents of Ashraf 3, I have followed your history, I know what you have endured in Ashraf 1 and 2. Your struggle and sacrifice is an inspiration to all of us. I’m proud to be with you and will be with you until we celebrate in Iran.”


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