Khamenei’s Remarks Once Again Show Iran Regime’s Fear of MEK

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Mahmoud Hakamian
The Iranian regime’s supreme leader, in a video conference, with his Basiji paramilitary forces posing as students
The Iranian regime’s supreme leader, in a video conference on Monday, with his Basiji paramilitary forces posing as students, once again expressed his utter fear of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and its role in leading the restive Iranian society toward toppling the regime.

“Do not allow your protests to be viewed as protests against the Islamic system; the enemy is waiting for this. Sometimes, you may assume that you are protesting the issue of the stock exchange or Pride [an automobile brand produced locally]. But depending on the way you protest, the enemy views or implies it as a protest against the system. You must seriously prevent this from happening and not allow the enemy to have an opportunity to make such an assumption because of your protest or imply to others that this is a protest against the system,” Khamenei said, adding: “It would be good if you be at the forefront of demands. If you stop leading in this arena, then others may take the lead whose aim is not to resolve the people’s difficulties but are aiming to fight against Islam and the Islamic Republic. Do not allow that. In other words, this must not happen.”

Recently the Iranian regime brutally arrested two elite students, Amir Hossain Moradi an Ali Younesi, for allegedly supporting the MEK. On May 5, 2020 the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced the names of 18 others, among the many who have been arrested by the regime. While terrified of the youth being attracted to the MEK and its democratic values, and instructing the regime’s officials to “go and speak with students at the universities” and repeat the regime’s allegations against the MEK, in order to desperately prevent youth from supporting the MEK, Khamenei said: “Places of gathering for young people, including universities, have been the target of two major evils: passivity and deviation. In the early days of the revolution, we had some young people who believed in Islam…. They were attracted to the MEK… And joined their path.” In a clear edict to suppress the MEK and dissidents, Khamenei added: “Expand the revolutionary front. Recruit … Of course, I don’t mean the MEK, the non-believers … I do not recommend that we appease those who do not accept the foundations of the revolution, cast doubt on its foundations, promote the enemy, and put us on the wrong path. Not at all. You must deal with them explicitly and strongly… They (the enemy) also work on our youth and try to exploit them and are planning for this.”

Khamenei’s remarks alone debunk the regime longtime campaign of demonizing the MEK and portraying it as a so-called “grouplet,” with little or no support. In parallel with this demonization campaign abroad, the regime has published hundreds of books and produced dozens of films to somehow discredit the MEK for the youth.

On April 24, 2020, Iran’s state-run Nasim-e Kermanshah website republished an article originally printed by the state-run Nama News and Nasim News agencies. The so-called “MEK expert” Meysam Parsa wrote in this article: “Why do we pointlessly put the name of Reza Pahlavi, who poses no threat to the system, as a distraction along with the name of the real enemy, the MEK, which seeks our downfall. While our supporters continue this wrong method, Massoud Rajavi (leader of the Iranian resistance) constantly speaks of “Resistance Units” and orders chaos and our [regime’s] downfall?”

In fact, the regime’s officials, particularly Khamenei and state media, in words and action have been warning of the restive Iranian society and the post-coronavirus situation and severe economic situation; and most importantly the MEK’s role.

The state-run Jamaran website, in a lengthy article published on May 1, wrote: “Long-term grief has become devastating in much of our society. Also, the rage of successive years has turned into hatred. Just one spark is enough to cause an emotional outbreak of social violence. Regardless of its origins, this spark could be a rise in gasoline prices, or a plane crash, or anything else.”


#Iran On the Verge of a Revolution
Iranian society is on the verge of another revolution. This is not only the #Iranian Resistance’s analysis but that of the regime’s own experts and analysts who confirm this truth in one way or another. #coronavirus …

Iran On the Verge of a Revolution – NCRI
Iranian society is on the verge of another revolution. This is not only the Iranian Resistance’s analysis, but that of the regime’s own experts and
16:09 – 17 May 2020
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“The MEK had organized (the uprising) since a few months ago. They selected some people inside the country. They were also the ones who called on the people to make the people follow them,” Khamenei said in a speech in January 2018.

According to the IRGC-affiliated Fars news, Hossein Ashtari, the Commander of State Security Forces (SSF), said: “Our investigations show that behind the scenes, anti-revolutionary organizations and the MEK led these movements.” (Fars News Agency, November 17, 2019)

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