Iran: Warning Against Discontent in Refining Companies (Ghadir)

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NCRI Security and Counterterrorism Committee

The National Council of Resistance of Iran – Committee on Security and Counterterrorism
NCRI logoAdopting preventive measures as soon as possible to suppress and prevent protest gatherings in the call of November 2022
in Shiraz Refinery complex by the order of information protection of the Social Security Organization of the regime’s armed forces

The Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance informs the workers of the Shiraz refinery complex.


Information Protection Organization

Islamic Republic of Iran
Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics


Classification: Confidential
Date: 6/12/2022
Priority: Urgent

From: SATA Information Protection

To: Honorable CEO of SATA

Subject: Warning against dissatisfaction in refining companies (Ghadir)

With respect, in October of the current year (2022), the welfare association of refining companies (refineries handed over to the private sector) issued a resolution to amend the salaries of the staff members of the aforementioned companies in the amount of 1.5 million tomans and 5% to the entire subset company after the approval of the members.

It should be noted that the purpose of this salary increase was to create proportionality in the increase of official employees, who according to the government’s decree this year were only subject to a 10% salary increase, and according to the collective decision of the managers of the refining companies, it was decided that these increases will be applied from November 22, because so far Non-approval of Parsian Oil and Gas Company (the main shareholder of Shiraz and Tabriz Ghadir Refinery) has not yet been implemented and a specific time has not been determined for it.

It is worth mentioning that due to the prevailing security conditions, the country’s security situation has been accompanied by the wave of hostile media in cyberspace groups and has caused the aggravation of dissatisfaction in the Shiraz refinery complex, and it is expected that by the deterioration of the situation and the calls of counter-revolutionary networks in recent days, during the coming days, a protest rally (announcement of the rally dated 6-11 December 2022) will be held by the workers of this refinery, which can have economic-security consequences.

Therefore, please order the relevant authorities as soon as possible to take preventive measures to prevent protest gatherings and reflect the results of the measures to this information protection.

Head of Information Protection, SATA
Saeed Al Sadat


for the information of the Honorable Strategic Deputy of SAHFA VEDJA [Information Protection Organization of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic]

Iran: Warning Against Discontent in Refining Companies (Ghadir)

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National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Security and Counterterrorism Committee

March 29, 2023

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