Iran: State Media Warns of MEK’s Increasing Activities


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Mansoureh Galestan

How long should we see these norm-breaking signals?” These are the words used by the state-run Bulletin News on April 13, revealing the regime’s agonizing fear of its viable alternative, the People’s Mojahedin Organization Iran (PMOI/MEK), and its growing activities.

From installing large banners to projecting images of the Resistance’s leaders on huge buildings, torching the regime’s symbols of oppression, and writing graffiti on walls in cities across Iran, the MEK’s Resistance Units showcase the Iranian Resistance’s prowess and its dedication to overthrowing the mullahs’ regime.

These activities, which happen every day across the country, despite an extensive network of surveillance cameras, right under the noses of the regime’s security forces, indeed spread the spirit of Resistance among Iranians.

The regime has long tried to impose a reign of terror on society. The MEK’s Resistance Units are the sledgehammers that break the regime’s atmospheric crackdown.

After decades of wasting billions of dollars on demonizing the MEK, the state media and regime officials now explicitly warn about the MEK’s growing popularity among Iranians and its role in guiding the volatile society.

To prepare for foreseeable uprisings led by the MEK and its Resistance Units, the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appointed Ebrahim Raisi, an unscrupulous mass murderer, as president. Nothing says the regime is panicking more than the selection of Raisi, who played a key role in the 1988 massacre of tens of thousands of the MEK members,. and packing his cabinet with the regime’s most vicious military veterans. In other words, Raisi’s presence, and the growing warnings about the MEK, are frightful reflexive retaliation against eight uprisings in recent years.

Below is the translation of the Bulletin News article about the MEK’s activities in Iran.

“Projecting Pictures Shows Enemy’s presence.”

A few days ago, [Ahmad] Alam-ol-Hoda, Mashhad’s Friday Prayer leader, addressed the lack of control of social media. He said: ‘The enemy is closer than ever to us! It has taken everything from us and continues doing so while you [officials] prolong your decisions.’ Who is listening to this advice?

The parliament is dragging its feet with approving the internet protection bill. Meanwhile, the enemy is planning next to us in Tehran. We hear the norm-breaking sounds of the MEK leaders, inviting people to overthrow the system.

If we do not deal with the rising water, the dam will break, and we shall await more severe damages. The enemy’s activities are not limited to social media. They have deployed their boots on the ground.

On April 11, residents of Iranshahr – Kourosh intersection witnessed large images of the [opposition leaders, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi] projected on a building. According to eyewitnesses, the pictures were large enough to be visible from far.

“How long should we see these norm-breaking signals?

The media’s silence prevented this news from circulating. But to elucidate the matter for the public opinion, especially those monitoring social and security facts in society, we should underline that the MEK’s mischief-making is objective. They started their activities on social media, and now they operate on the streets of Tehran. What is it if this is not the enemy’s victory and advancing? Shouldn’t those caring for the system be worried about the consequences of these norm-breaking actions?

The MEK intends to imply that its supporters, known as the Resistance Units, fire at will, and no one can stand in their way!

We should learn from our experiences of riots [derogatory term regime uses for uprisings] in recent years. Massoud Rajavi, the MEK leader, claimed right after the 2018 [uprisings] that ‘it is time for the Resistance Units to evolve and expand.’ So, the MEK has not stopped its activities and has been continuing its efforts by writing graffiti on the wall and installing large banners. They now have reached a point where they infiltrate the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and other ministries and freely act on the streets of Tehran.

The MEK intends to imply through its activities that it can take any action and weaken [Ebrahim] Raisi’s government inside the country and show itself to the outside world as the Islamic Republic’s viable alternative.

The enemy plans ahead. We should not underestimate its activities. The situation is perilous.

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