Iran Saturated With Plunderers and Middle-Men

By Staff Writer

In a recent talk with the state run ILNA news agency, an Iranian economist named Hossein Raghfar stated: “for as long as plunderers and middle-men are involved in our government, our economy will remain the same”.

Raghfar highlighted the fact that instead of focusing on the improvement of the flooded areas, the government is actually considering ways to increase the prices “which is why they’ve mentioned their plan of using the resources of Central Bank or Development Fund”.

Raghfar believes that Iran’s economy serves traders and not the actual trades or productions: “it’s hard for the public to trust a corrupt economy that is solely focused on luxury items”.

According to him: “in 2018, many influential institutes made a gross profit of at least 70 thousand billion Toman, 40 thousand billion of which was ensuing from inflation” and that additionally, “last year, more than 300 thousand billion Toman worth of interest was applied but the financial sector of government did not receive even a cent of this”.

Raghfar suggested that “many of our economic issues, such as our insufficient budget, could be resolved if tax was applied to these kinds of profits too; but the government never does anything in this regard”, adding: “we need to find out who passes such rules because for instance last year, a bill was approved that implies if big companies invest the profits that they make, they don’t have to pay any taxes. But what’s really happened is that these big companies are only pretending to be spending their profit, so that they can avoid having to paying tax”.

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