Iran Regime Suppressing Flood Victims Rather Than Helping

By Hamideh Taati

Shortly after floodwaters began besieging Shiraz, the Iranian Regime sent in their military and attack armoured vehicles, such as the Russian-made BMP-1, and motorcycle forces. However, these were not sent to traverse impassable roads and rescue people stuck on rooftops or get aid to the victims quickly, as might be the case in most parts of the world. Instead, they were sent to suppress the legitimate protests of a people whose desperate plight is ignored by those who rule over them.

So, the Iranian people had to, once again, save themselves by using their fishing boats to rescue their families, neighbours, and businesses.


Yes, Iran has many fast and powerful boats that could have been deployed to help in the rescue efforts, evacuate people from flood-stricken areas, or distribute food and medicine – things that would have actually quelled protests. But these boats were already being used for sea exercises or harassing US cargo ships off the Persian Gulf; things that the Regime clearly deemed more important than saving the lives of their people.

The Iranian military has hundreds of thousands of sandbags that can be used to stop floodwaters, but they were not put out. They also, along with the Revolutionary Guards Corps, have field paramedics and hospitals, but done were dispatched to help the injured. They even have numerous engineering units, which are capable of building floating bridges and roads in just a short amount of time, but these were not sent out.


The Iranian people deserve to know why, other than a few carefully stage publicity videos, the Regime and its suppressive forces have failed to help the victims. The reality is that the Revolutionary Guards and the Regime as a whole are failing to help the people affected by a disaster that the mullahs exacerbated through years of mismanagement and corruption related the environment and emergency preparedness because they simply don’t care about the Iranian people.

The Revolutionary Guards, who are only accountable to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, have only one mission: enforce domestic repression and export terrorism and chaos. That’s why the people must rise up and bring this Regime down.

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “No wonder that the regime is fragile and shaky against the explosive wrath of the society. The regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and its president Hassan Rouhani know better than anyone that the society is on the verge of another revolt.”

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