Iran: Protests, Clashes Continued in Zahedan, Khash, Protesters Arrested Indiscriminately

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Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
Iran Protest-No. 157
NCRI logoProtests and clashes continued in Zahedan, Khash, protesters arrested indiscriminately
Dire conditions of wounded, ambulances stopped, injured protesters, arrested
The suppressive forces opened fire on demonstrators in Zahedan and Khash and arrested many young people. They even stopped the ambulances and kidnapped the injured. Some of the wounded are still in the basement clinic of Makki Mosque. The condition in this clinic is critical, and it no longer has sufficient space and facilities to treat the injured.

Women activists in Zahedan protested in the streets chanting, “Death to the dictator,” “Aggression, crimes, down with the Leader (Ali Khamenei),” “Shame on you, shame on you,” and “Shame on Khamenei, let go of the country.”


Hours after the Friday prayers congregation, people were still demonstrating in the streets of Zahedan and engaged in hit-and-run clashes with the security agents. Baluchi youths continued protesting after nightfall and set up roadblocks by lighting fires.

Agents of the State Security Force were stationed in different parts of Zahedan, such as Jaddeh Qadim, Khayam Street, Bazaar Moshtarek, Modares, Beheshti, Darvazeh Khash and Jam-e Jam area, and fired tear gas into houses. In the Bazaar Moshtarek area, they were arresting people arbitrarily in groups.

A group of revolutionary guards wearing local outfits were present at the scene to terrorize the people who were chanting, “Shame on IRGC, don’t wear Baluchi outfits” and “IRGC, Basijs, you are the same as ISIS.”

In Khash, after shooting at the protesters, the revolutionary guards attacked Al-Khalil Mosque, arresting several people. For many hours, the people inside the mosque were under siege, and anyone who left the mosque was arrested.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

November 25, 2022

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