IRAN: Prisoner Flogged in Public in Ahvaz

Written by Mansoureh Galestan 

On Thursday, July 4, the Iranian regime’s security forces publicly flogged a prisoner in Ahvaz, capital of Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan province.

The defendant was previously sentenced to four years in prison and 74 lashes in public on charges of robbery by the regime’s judiciary in Khuzestan. The identity of the victim has not yet been determined.

The Iranian regime regularly uses corporal punishment in public as a means to humiliate prisoners and to intimidate the public.

According to Amnesty International’s Philip Luther, “The Iranian authorities’ prolific use of corporal punishment, including on children, demonstrates a shocking disregard for basic humanity. They should immediately abolish all forms of such punishment, which in Iran includes amputation and blinding as well as flogging.”

“It’s simply unacceptable that the Iranian authorities continue to allow such punishments and to justify them in the name of protecting religious morals,” he added.

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