Iran: Maryam Rajavi Calls for Formation of Popular Councils in Ahvaz to Deal With Flood

Iran Flood – No. 8

The facilities of the army, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other government bodies should be immediately made available to the public

The devastating flood is spreading rapidly in Khuzestan Province, especially in Ahvaz, a large part of the population of this province is left homeless and millions of our compatriots are at serious risk.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, called on the people and youth of Ahvaz and other parts of Khuzestan to cooperate with the formation of popular councils to deal with floods in each city and area.

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the facilities of the army and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other government organs, especially engineering machinery and equipment, boats, helicopters, shelters, barracks and supply warehouses should be made available to the public. These belong to the people and are for the people of Iran and should be used to prevent flooding, rescue of flood victims, resettlement and reconstruction of flood-hit areas.

These facilities are abundantly available to the army, the IRGC, and the headquarters of Khatam-al-Anbia, but all serve to suppress the people, wage war in the region and fill the pockets of the regime’s leaders. Reports and images of flood-hit areas over the past three weeks show that preventive measures by the government, rescue facilities, people’s displacement facilities and temporary accommodation facilities are unavailable, and people are inevitably faced with floods with empty hands and primary facilities. People are deprived of the most basic means of life and are exposed to the epidemic of illnesses and vermin.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2019

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