Iran: Dozens of Renowned American Politicians Debunk Malley’s Anti-MEK Statement

Written by
Shamsi Saadati

In a joint statement, 23 renowned American dignitaries condemned the US Envoy’s rather pathetic statement slandering Iran’s principal opposition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). Last week, Robert Malley, the United States Special Envoy for Iran, issued a statement attacking the MEK while repeating the worn-out allegations commonly used by the Iranian regime and its apologists.

“Desperate to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), US Envoy Robert Malley has sought to appease the Iranian government by publicly discrediting one of regime’s primary opposition group,” the statement of renowned American politicians reads in part.

While underlining that “Mr. Malley’s statement parrots the same falsehoods made by the religious dictatorship that rules Iran,” the American luminaries considered a “a senior American official repeating such false claims while MEK and fellow protestors are being brutally suppressed is outrageous, and in fact, facilitates the regime’s killing machine on the streets and campuses across Iran.”

It is worth noting that the American politicians’ statement was welcomed by several news outlets, including Fox News and Just the News. The following is the full text of this statement.

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