Former US Senator Ayotte: Years Ago, Mrs. Rajavi Has Had the Foresight to Predict That Women Would Lead This Revolution

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At a bi-partisan congressional briefing on December 8, United States Senators and former American policymakers from both sides of the political spectrum joined forces to express their support for the nationwide uprising in Iran, highlighting the importance of backing an organized effort that has inspired and shown the path for more than four decades despite the brutal suppression of the clerical dictatorship in this country.

Among the speakers who addressed the event was former Senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican from the state of New Hampshire of whom the full text is reflected below:

I thank you so much. I’m really honored to be part of this event. It’s wonderful to be here with Ambassador Ginsberg. And I would love to be interrupted. That means there are more senators coming in to support this important cause. We’ve already had some great senators here – Senator Tillis, Senator Shaheen, Senator Graham – and it shows the bipartisan nature of what is happening in terms of standing with the people of Iran over the ayatollah.

There is a revolution happening in Iran. We’ve seen in the street that there are people from all walks of life that are protesting, whether it’s the universities, the villages, the cities, different areas, all people are coming together. This is a unified revolution and it’s been a long time in the making. You all know that because you have been working on this for a long time, for decades. And now is the time to stand with the Iranian people. They are chanting, “Death to Khamenei, death to the oppressor, whether it be the Shah or the Supreme Leader.”

And we know as Senator Shaheen mentioned, we know that this revolution was long in the making but there was a woman at the center of it, of course, Mahsa Amini, who was beaten to death. Her only crime was refusing to wear a hijab, and yet we also know that this regime has consistently oppressed women. Women are treated as second-class citizens in Iran, and yet it is the women who are refusing to bow to Ayatollah Khamenei or any of the mullahs.


They will no longer tolerate the oppression. Many are taking off their hijabs and joining the protests in the streets and we know, unfortunately, that Mahsa Amini’s death is just one of the many. This regime has murdered tens of thousands of women, many of them you know. Many people that you have lost have been killed by this regime and time and time again, they continue to torture and murder those who seek freedom.

No one knows this more than the MEK and those who are in Camp Ashraf. During this protest, there have already been hundreds who were killed by this regime. And this regime is in a position where they say they want to disband the morality police…

We know that that’s not true, but we also know that this is an act of desperation. We cannot buy it. Any concession made by this regime is only because they are trying to fool the people who are protesting in the street right now. They will not fool us. They will not fool the protesters. We know that because when the protesters are at the memorials of those who are lost from protesting, this is what they are saying, “For every single person killed 1,000 will join.”

We heard today how there is one leader that has been working on this for decades, who has seen this revolution coming for a long time and has supported it, and that is Mrs. Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI. It was beautiful to hear her today and Mrs. Rajavi has had the foresight to predict that women would lead this revolution. In a speech 17 years ago, she said, “In the tragedy of women in our enchained homeland, Iran, women’s human identity has been denied, but I assure you that those oppressed today will be the victors of tomorrow.”

Now is the time for victory for the people of Iran, and we know that there is an alternative because Mrs. Rajavi and the NCRI have a Ten Point Plan. A Ten Point Plan that envisions freedom, democracy, a non-nuclear Iran, and a peaceful Iran that respects human rights. That is the Iranian people, that is what they deserve and that is the Iran that we can work with as the United States of America. That is Iran where values are respected, and people are respected.

Right now, is critical and I was so glad to hear about the senate resolution that Senator Shaheen mentioned. But it is time for the United States to stand strong again for the Iranian regime as Senator Tillis also mentioned. When I was in the Senate, I voted against the JCPOA for the same reason that Senator Tillis mentioned. You cannot trust this regime to be honest and you can’t make a deal with murderers. This regime tortures and kills its own people. It promotes terrorism around the world. It fuels proxy wars in the Middle East. It supported the murderous Asad regime and continues to do so. And we also know they’re supporting Putin against the Ukrainian people who are only seeking their own sovereignty and freedom, which is their God-given right.

In addition to that, they have also targeted people in the United States of America. We know Secretary Pompeo had to have a security detail because the Iranians were trying to kill him and his family here in the United States of America and they have targeted others. Yet, despite all this malign behavior, why are we still negotiating with the Iranian regime? We should not be giving them a lifeline. This is a dying regime, and they are on the ropes. Now is the time to end negotiations over the JCPOA. Now is the time to go to the U.N. and seek accountability for this regime for everyone who has been murdered. Now is the time to go to the U.N. and to the United States to lead the effort to snap back sanctions.

Sanctions on both the ballistic missile program, sanctions on the nuclear program, and sanctions for their human rights violations. These are the types of efforts that this administration I would hope would take right now because this is the moment. This is the moment to stand with the Iranian people and their fight for freedom. This revolution is coming, and the United States needs to support this revolution and end the reign of the ayatollahs.

I see my friend, Senator Lieberman, has gotten here and no one has stood stronger with the Iranian people and against the ayatollahs for a peaceful Iran. So, it’s an honor to be here with him. As we gather here today, I just want to leave with this note. We are entering the holiday season. It’s a beautiful season with family and friends. As we sit at our holiday tables, let’s say a prayer for the Iranian people. Let’s pray that 2023 is a new day in Iran, that there’s true freedom and peace for the Iranian people, that the ayatollahs end, that their regime goes, that they are done, and that we have a peaceful Iran in 2023 that the United States can be proud to partner with. Thank you very much.

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