EDITORIAL: Iran: 55 Years After the MEK Was Founded

Iran, Ashraf, MEK, MKO, Albania

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Iran, Ashraf, MEK, MKO, Albania
Ashraf-3, home of the MEK members
An event marking the 55th founding anniversary of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) was held on Saturday, September 5, in Ashraf 3, Albania.

Representatives of over 300 Iranian communities from 24 countries around the world took part in a virtual conference to express their support for the Iran protests and a firm policy toward the ruling regime.

Iran, Ashraf, MEK, MKO, Albania
Exiled Iranians from different walks of life participated in the summit
A large number of exiled Iranians from different walks of life participated in the summit: People who have prominent professional positions in different countries, the young generation of Iranians who have left Iran recently or have been born abroad, former political prisoners and tens of thousands of people outside Iran. Many more tuned in from inside Iran using proxy servers and other methods to watch the program.

In this ceremony, dozens of prominent figures from the Iranian societies, who are able to express themselves outside the domination of the mullahs’ rule, spoke for seven hours non-stop, and gave their own accounts of what they had seen and experienced from the MEK during these years.

Ashraf-3, home of the MEK members
Iranians who, despite their wide variety of tendencies and beliefs, were deeply connected by a common thread: a deep love for Iran and freedom that manifested itself in their deep love and trust for the MEK. This love for Iran and freedom and trust in the MEK was visible in every single sentence of the speakers:

“Only the MEK, with their maximum faithfulness to their pledge and enormous sacrifice, and relentless MEK supporters could topple these criminal mullahs.”

“The MEK for us Iranians is the intersection of patriotism, the love of freedom, and true Islam.”

“The MEK instilled in our culture values such as self-sacrifice, making efforts without asking for reward, honesty, selflessness, and sacrificing everything. These are the values that have pushed the regime toward its downfall.”

“I deeply believe, within the last 40 years, any freedom-loving Iranian who wants to concentrate their efforts on striking a blow to the inhumane enemy, in a short time would find themselves in the organized ranks or among the fighters and freedom-lovers of the MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).”

Ashraf-3, home of the MEK members
“Wherever there was talk of truth, sacrifice, and martyrdom, the leadership of the MEK was at the forefront. They did not think of taking political power at any price, nor did they want any benefits for themselves. They only cared about the interests of the people and freedom.”

“It does not matter from what ethnicity you come from, what is your language, religion, and belief, it is important whether you support the MEK, or with any excuse, instead of being a friend, put obstacles on their path?”

“It is the duty of every Iranian to actively support the MEK, especially against those who have practically sided with the mullahs to demonize the MEK.”

Books could be written based on these valuable words, either uttered by those who had a chance to speak at the conference or those who had them in their heart. They were not playing with words or writing essays from a far distance; their words were from the bottom of their heart and deep faith.

More than 40 years of struggle against the clerical regime has clearly shown that the MEK is the antithesis of Islamic fundamentalism and is the force for change in Iran. The trust and love of the Iranian people for the MEK is also due to the same 40-year struggle. In this conflict, on the one hand, there is a deadly turmoil in the rotten body of the clerical regime, and on the other hand, that is, on the side of the MEK, there is the peak of strength and power and prosperity.

The clerical regime through murder, torture, massacre, repression, demonization, and all kinds of conspiracies, each of which was enough to destroy a movement, did everything it could to destroy the MEK and the hope for freedom and democracy in Iran. But on the other hand, the MEK persevered on their principles by paying the heaviest price and overcoming all conspiracies, and they did not spare any sacrifice in the way of liberating Iran and Iranians. Now, as the main constituent of the NCRI, the MEK has turned into a point of hope for the entire Iranian nation.

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