Brussels Parliament Member Françoise Schepmans Condemns Iranian Regime’s Atrocities Against Protesters

Written by
Shamsi Saadati

“This demonstration is also a condemnation of the atrocities and murders committed by the Iranian regime to suppress the legitimate protest of the population here in Europe, in Brussels,” said Mrs. Françoise Schepmans, a member of the Brussels Parliament – Capital Region, at the Nowruz rally, expressing support for democracy, freedom, and equality between men and women in Iran.

On March 20, thousands of Iranians gathered in Brussels for a rally organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The rally coincided with the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, and called for the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. Protesters believe that the IRGC is responsible for suppressing nationwide protests in Iran. They chanted, “Blacklist IRGC now!” and urged the EU to take a firm stance against the clerical regime’s terrorism, blackmailing, and hostage-taking. Several prominent European and American dignitaries, as well as members of the Belgian parliament, addressed the rally. Iranian activists held performances and a large street exhibition, making the event a passionate display of solidarity with the Iranian people.

In her remarks addressing this really, Mrs. Schepmans condemned the atrocities and murders committed by the Iranian regime to suppress legitimate protests by the population in Europe, including in Brussels.

“We cannot remain insensitive. We cannot stand idly by in the face of this front-line battle led by courageous women,” she said.

Referring to her meeting with Mrs. Rajavi in November, Mrs. Schepmans emphasized the need to support the courageous women who are leading the front-line battle for freedom and democracy in Iran. She cited her conversation with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and praised her role in trying to be the voice of all those women who risk their lives for freedom and democracy in Iran. Schepmans quoted Mrs. Rajavi’s slogan, “no to obligatory religion, no to obligatory governments, and not your obligatory hijabs,” as a demand for individual freedom and choice.

Mrs. Schepmans also mentioned the long-standing demand of the Iranian people and their resistance to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. She stated that this was also the request of the European Parliament and the organizers of the demonstration.

“The Iranian people and their resistance have demanded that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, responsible for so many crimes, be recognized as a terrorist organization,” she said.

Finally, Mrs. Schepmans wished the Iranian people a happy New Year and encouraged them to continue their fight for freedom and democracy in Iran. She expressed her support for a democratic and secular republic in Iran.

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