Annual Report by NCRI Women’s Committee: Women in Iran Are Taking Final Steps in Their Quest for Freedom and Equality

Annual Report 2020 – Women’s Committee of the NCRI
Written by Mansoureh Galestan 

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) published its annual report on the eve of International Women’s Day, on March 7, 2020. This report is meant to portray an overall picture of the Iranian women’s situation between March 2019 and February 2020.

“As Iranian women are taking the final steps in their quest for freedom and equality, the situation is becoming more polarized in the country,” read the report.

NCRI Women’s Committee

On #InternationalWomenDay2020, Women’s Committee of NCRI published its Annual Report 2020 providing an overall picture of the status of Iranian women in yr spanning from March 2019 – February 2020. …#IWD2020 #GenerationEquality

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Annual Report 2020 of NCRI Women’s Committee –
The Annual Report 2020 of the NCRI Women’s Committee reviews the status of Iranian women in the year spanning from March 2019 to February 2020
10:36 – 8 Mar 2020
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In its annual report, the NCRI Women’s Committee spoke of various issues concerning Iranian women such as being subjected to arbitrary arrests, 105 executions of women prisoners during the tenure of the so-called “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani, cruel punishments against labor and women’s rights activists and the regime’s brutal crackdown on the nationwide Iran protests in November, killing 1500 people, including hundreds of women. The report also shed light on the poor working conditions of the Iranian women and the regime’s misogynist laws.

“On the one hand, the oppression of women is taking on new dimensions. The rights of nurses, teachers, and religious minority women continue to be ignored and violated. Women and their children are the prime victims in the earthquakes and floods, abandoned without any form of government support. And women are discriminated against more than ever in the job market, in education, arts, music, sports, etc,” read the report.


“Poverty and its consequent social ills are becoming more and more feminized. The age of homeless women, addicted women, prostitutes, suicide victims, etc. has dropped to mid-teens. Child marriages are more commonly practiced in various provinces, further adding to the number of child widows and women heads of household who are as young as 14,” the report added.

While referring to the ongoing struggle by Iranian women to achieve freedom and equality, the NCRI’s Women’s Committee wrote: “In the meantime, human rights defenders who are arrested and detained in abysmal prison conditions, continue their defense of human rights. They use every opportunity to expose the regime’s crimes, support the protests in the streets, and even to report on the conditions of arrested protesters in prisons.”

“On the other hand, Iranian women have become more outspoken, spearheading the protests and uprisings. They were so effective in leading two nationwide uprisings in the past year that the authorities were compelled to acknowledge their role in the protests,” the report added.

“The brave women of Iran are fighting not only for their own freedom but for the freedom of all Iranians. They lead the struggle of Iranian people towards freedom and equality, and their unflinching resolve will eventually realize this goal,” read the report.

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