The Iranian president’s failed efforts in New York

The demonstrators during the Free Iran rally step on Khamenei’s poster to show their anger against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran-July 27, 2019
Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, September 29, 2019—In his visit to New York and the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani did his best to alleviate some of Iran’s difficulties in its international relations, especially with the U.S.

Rouhani’s end goal was to leverage Europe against the U.S. to drive a wedge between the forming coalition against the regime’s unscrupulous policies, especially after Iran’s recent attack against Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

But on-the-ground developments regarding Iran’s nuclear program, ballistic missiles, and its meddling in the region have rendered Rouhani’s visit a failure and set the stage for more diplomatic isolation.

In a joint statement issued on September 23, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom declared that, “Iran bears the responsibility for this attack,” referring to the attack against Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, adding that, “The time has come for Iran to accept a long term negotiation framework for its nuclear program, as well as regional security issues, which include its missile programs.” Javan newspaper, close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction, published an article describing the grave situation the Iranian ruling mullahs are facing.

Published on September 26, the article, titled “Europe’s attempt for the second JCPOA without fulfilling the first”, says: “The Europeans are officially expiring the JCPOA, while simultaneously suggesting a broader agreement.”

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal, was struck in July 2015 during the Obama administration between Iran on the one side and the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China on the other.

The deal did not cover Iran’s ballistic missile program, its evil activities throughout the Middle East, and grave record of human rights violations, while providing the ruling mullahs in Tehran a broad economic relief.

Since U.S. President Donald Trump left the JCPOA, Iran is concerned about a possible new deal, sometimes called “JCPOA Version 2” by the Iranian state media, that would have a far broader reach and address Iran’s general malign policies, such as its ballistic missiles and terrorist activities.

The Javan newspaper continues: “French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed a five-point plan of which only two points refer to the JCPOA and the remaining three concern demands that go beyond the JCPOA. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said after her meeting with the presidents of Iran and the United States that it is unrealistic to cancel the sanctions against Iran before the country has sat down at the negotiating table.”

Rouhani’s precondition for negotiations with the U.S. is that all sanctions are canceled beforehand, which is so ridiculous that German Chancellor Angela Merkel described it as unrealistic saying: “I welcome any negotiations between Iran and the U.S., but it won’t be practical for all the sanctions to be canceled before any negotiation. I don’t think that is realistic.”

This precondition has further moved the European position closer to the U.S.

Javan adds: “In a joint statement along the lines of U.S. policies against Iran, Europe, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, asked Iran to enter long-term negotiations about [its] nuclear program, regional issues and [its ballistic] missile program. This is the first time that European countries are officially aligning their positions with the U.S. to go beyond the JCPOA and talk about the necessity for a new nuclear program.”

Describing Europe’s toughening position against the Iranian regime, the Guardian wrote on September 26: “The European Union has privately warned Iran that it will be forced to start withdrawing from the nuclear deal in November if Tehran goes ahead with its threat to take new steps away from the deal.”

“The warning to Iran, pre-agreed by the three EU signatories to the 2015 deal, was made at a meeting on Wednesday, and makes clear that the agreement is now on life support.”

“The EU told Iran that it would put the issue of Iranian non-compliance into the agreement’s formal dispute mechanism if the next Iranian move away from the deal is significant,” Guardian added.

Iran’s channel one national television complained on the same day: “Despite their promises, the Europeans have practically respected U.S. sanctions and have done nothing. It’s also unlikely that they do anything for the Islamic Republic [of Iran] from now on. Therefore, we should give up on the Europeans.”

According to state-run IRNA news agency, Mostafa Falahatpisheh, a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) Security Commission described the E3’s joint statement as the “final blow to the JCPOA.”

“The three European countries’ statement accusing Iran of attacking the Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and demanding negotiations over our nuclear program, ballistic missiles, and regional issues is in line with America’s policy vis-à-vis Iran. For the first time since the U.S. left the JCPOA, the Europeans have raised new conditions that are the closest to Trump’s position.”

Now, following Rouhani’s empty-handed return from New York, the Iranian regime is at a crossroads in its relations with the U.S., more than ever before.

The ruling thugs in Tehran must either cede to U.S. conditions, now also supported more or less by European countries, amounting to “suicide out of fear of death,” as regime insiders describe it.

Otherwise, Tehran must gradually move their corrupt system closer to the brink of collapse by insisting on their current path of terrorism.

While the Iranian people would prefer an approach that demands the least possible cost from their nation, both options for the Iranian regime will render a final result that they prefer over their current conditions of slow death under the ruling mullahs.

Rouhani’s New York visit was further engulfed in crises as a large gathering of Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) supporters held their annual “No to Rouhani” rally on September 24 and 25 outside the United Nations in New York.

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Iranian Americans, joined by Iranians from Europe and Canada, gathered in New York on Tuesday for a major protest rally to voice their opposition to Rouhani’s presence. The demonstrators condemned the criminal terrorist mullahs in Iran, emphasizing this regime does not represent the Iranian people and Tehran’s seat in the UN belongs to the true representative of the Iranian people, the opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) led by Maryam Rajavi as President.

The protesters were heard chanting, “Terrorist Rouhani out of UN,” emphasizing the regime in Tehran has proven what the Iranian opposition and has been warning about for years. Tehran’s mullahs lead the single most dangerous regime across the globe and assuming this regime has any moderates is completely naïve. Any form of appeasement vis-à-vis the mullahs’ regime in Iran is condemned and more countries should join the maximum pressure campaign specifically targeting and isolating the mullahs’ regime.

The people of Iran, through their continuous protests, strikes, and nationwide uprising have been striving for regime change. This regime must be overthrown in its entirety, the demonstrators highlighted.

The systematic economic corruption brought about by the mullahs’ regime is beyond repair, the demonstrators said. The desire for change in Iran is expanding as we speak. The terrorist mullahs cannot and will not reform, and change to a free Iran is possible and at hand, the event organizers underscored.

Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer of U.S. President Donald Trump and former mayor of New York, was the first speaker at this rally, saying this regime will be overthrown.

The NCRI can take over and run Iran like no other regime change models, Mr. Giuliani said. Under leadership of Madame Rajavi, Giuliani remarked, the Iranian opposition coalition can transition Iran from a regime of terror to a regime of democracy and freedom. The NCRI will end capital punishment and restore respect for women’s rights, he added.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, former U.S. vice presidential nominee, also addressed the rally. “The [Iranian] regime’s aggressions still continues—our policies won’t change the behavior. It’s regime change that can solve the Middle East bloodshed. The NCRI’s ten-point plan is a guarantee for a prosperous, democratic and nuclear free Iran. The NCRI has the broadest support in the U.S. and around the world,” he said.


Mrs. Rajavi sent a message to the New York demonstration praising the Iranian American community in their ongoing efforts of being the voice of the Iranian people.

“Your gathering in New York is a resounding ‘No!’ to the policy of appeasement, to the policy of buying chances for a moribund regime, and to the policy of inaction toward a regime that preserves its power through warmongering, terrorism, and suppression,” Mrs. Rajavi said.


Maryam Rajavi

Message to the demonstration by Iranian-Americans in protest to the presence of the representative of Iran’s ruling religious fascism at the United Nations #IranRegimeChange #FreeIran #UNGA #No2Rouhani …

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“Your gathering says ‘No’ to the continuation of the rule of a bunch of occupiers and criminals in Iran. And, it says ‘Yes’ to the overthrow of this regime by the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance. You are the voice of protest and resistance by the Iranian people, a movement whose latest signs were evident in recent days through the brave workers at the HEPCO factory marching in the streets of Arak,” the NCRI President added in reference to escalating protests across Iran.

“And you are the voice of the Resistance Units and Councils of Resistance who through their courageous activities across Iran have kept the flames of uprising and protests alive,” Mrs. Rajavi highlighted, in reference to the vast PMOI/MEK network inside Iran.

“Following the clerical regime’s recent attack from inside Iran against Saudi oil facilities, the real question facing the world is no longer who conducted the attack, but they need to advance a policy of decisiveness and firmness against this regime… The ruling regime is surrounded by a disenchanted population who are firmly convinced that their liberation will not be possible without the mullahs’ overthrow. The days of the religious fascism are numbered,” she concluded.

The international community needs to realize that the only method to avoid further carnage in and outside Iran is an end to the mullahs’ regime in its entirety.


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