The Iran Protests Destroyed the Regime’s False Image of Stability

Written by Staff Writer

Before the nationwide uprising in Iran erupted on November 15, the regime’s leaders and commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), and its other repressive forces constantly spoke of security and social stability.

“We have stable and exemplary security,” said Brigadier General Hussein Ashtari, Iran’s Police Commander, in August 2019.

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the regime’s Supreme National Security Council, also spoke of “stability, exemplary security and economic stability.”


#Iran Regime National Security Head: 34 #MEK Members Arrested, Vast Network Sympathetic to MEK Identified …#FreeIran #Internet4Iran #IranProtests

Iran Regime National Security Head: 34 MEK Members Arrested, Vast Network Sympathetic to MEK…
National Council of Resistance of Iran latest statements about Iranian protests and demonstrations.
1:51 PM – Nov 25, 2019
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Mullah Ahmad Salek, a member of the regime’s parliament, said on November 10, 2019: “In the current situation, most neighboring countries, from Yemen and Lebanon to Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan have insecurity, yet Iran is the safest country in the region.”

However, the great uprising of the Iranian people in the first two days shattered this so-called “security.” This exposed the regime’s shakiness and instability to the entire world.

Thus, the question is: what was the purpose of these security claims? What was the regime intending to cover up by using these bogus claims? When it comes to security, it means that the country or system in question faces an enemy or a particular threat, so here comes the real question:

Who is the main enemy?

This enemy certainly cannot be America and the countries in the Middle East, as they have repeatedly insisted that they are not at war with the regime, and the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has repeatedly stated that neither the US nor the regime want war. So, who is the enemy the regime’s real enemy?


Khamenei’s Mouthpiece: #IranProtests Leaders to Face Execution by Hanging …#Iran #MEK #FreeIran #Internet4Iran

Khamenei’s Mouthpiece: Iran Protests Leaders to Face Execution by Hanging
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4:11 PM – Nov 20, 2019
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The answer is clear, and the global uprising that began on November 15 left no doubt about it. The enemy of the regime is the Iranian people and their organized resistance. Khamenei is also aware that his main enemy are the Iranian people and their organized resistance, namely the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and its Resistance Units. Therefore, he points to foreign forces as the enemy to hide this fact. The Iranian people, on the other hand, have no ambiguity that they are the main enemy of this religious fascism, and they have no hesitation in saying this in the most precise and most straightforward terms: “Our enemy is right here, they’re lying when they says its America.”

These slogans and ongoing protests shed light on the real situation in Iran.

This uprising also made it clear that the regime has stayed in power using bayonets and sticks. The Iranian society is like a powder keg which could explode at any time. This is the regime’s main issue.

The cause of the overwhelming conflict of the Iranian people

The irreconcilable reality of the Iranian people’s resistance to the religious dictatorship has never been hidden. It began on June 20, 1981, when the last particles of the regime’s political legitimacy dissolved by spilling the blood of the MEK members. The daily massacres in 1980s reached its peak with the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988. Yet those who preferred the regime’s cheap oil and the Iranian market over humanitarian values have tried to cover up these crimes and claimed that the regime has authority and stability and no alternative. And with repetitive and nauseating performances, it fuels them from engineered elections to demonstrations.

What burned in the fire of the uprising?

The recent uprising of the Iranian people not only undermined the myth of the regime’s security, it also showed the world how fragile this regime is. Yet the regime’s apologists argue that it is true that this regime is not a desirable one and that because of its religious dogmas it does not recognize some individual freedoms and does not respect human rights, but it has power and still large sections of the population, especially the lower classes, support it because of their religious beliefs. Nevertheless, the general uprising of the Iranian people in November quickly burned all these bogus claims and made it clear that the Iranian people never have and never will give in to this corrupt and evil regime.

The regime, of course, is trying to downplay these protests by launching so-called “spontaneous” counterdemonstrations in the cities but it will never be able to cover up what happened during the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising.

The regime may also try to slow down the revolutionary movement with massive arrests and even executions, but it will never be able to overcome it and quell the uprising. One simple reason is that after 40 years of repression and economic devastation at the hands of the mullahs, the Iranian people have nothing more to lose.


EDITORIAL: Settling the score with the #MEK
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8:11 AM – Aug 1, 2019
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The fact is that even Ali Rabi’i, the government’s spokesman and one of the most experienced interrogators in the Ministry of Intelligence, inevitably acknowledged and warned: “The foundational causes of (the uprising) are still there. The most important of them is social unrest and provocative movements which remain. Therefore, a new factor could result in a problem.” (state-run Iran daily, November 23, 2019).

Repression by the regime is only of short-term effect. Iranians have taken to the streets because the regime has stolen their freedom, their livelihood, and their future. And they realize that the source of their suffering is the mullahs’ regime. So they shall stay on the streets, and even if forced out, would be back soon.

The reality is that the volcano of the uprising of the Iranian people will continue.

Even when seemingly silent, its lava deep is moving and boiling and compacting to erupt again and again. The Iran protests will continue until victory.

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