State-run Newspaper Asks Parliament Speaker to Resign


Following the national outrage about Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf family’s lavish trip to Turkey to buy luxury baby stuff, the Iranian regime parliament’s speaker is facing serious backlash.

“Mr. Qalibaf, under your management and other like-minded people, the living conditions of the Iranian people have reached the worst possible status, as if Iran was still in the Qajar dynasty era,” the state-run Jahane Sanat wrote today. “Please have a look at the market prices, not the baby stuff prices and baby clothes. Look at the prices of bread, cheese, vegetables, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, and of course potatoes, meat, chicken, fish, and then you will learn how people are suffering. Concerning the actions of your family, doesn’t this increase the anger of the hungry, the poor, and the weak, and don’t you think it will awaken the destructive sense of discrimination in them?”

Mocking the parliament’s speaker’s rhetoric, the newspaper added: “Mr. Qalibaf, as a defender of the economy and national production, remember that this action of your esteemed family is just the tip of the iceberg of discrimination and lucrative living of those four percent of society (you claimed to fight against). It’s certain that your other like-minded people are destroying the economy and domestic production. It’s certain that they are also engaged in other similar fiascos that are not covered by the media and public opinion is still unaware of them. Even resigning is still insufficient for you, let alone apologizing. Mr. Qalibaf, with you as the speaker of the parliament, the national production will not be back on track. There is no trust in you. Please resign!!”

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