Rudy Giuliani Urges Warsaw Summit Leaders Firmness on Iran


Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke at a rally by Iranians supporting the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on Wednesday, the first day of the conference on Middle East in Warsaw Poland.

Protesters voiced the desire of the Iranian people for establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran and also expressed their support for the NCRI led by Maryam Rajavi as the democratic alternative to the mullahs’ regime.

Text of speech by Mayor Rudy Giuliani on 13 February 2019 follows:

It’s a great honor for me to be here with you in order to make a very important point to all of the government officials that are meeting across the way in the stadium and it is really simple. In order to have peace and security in the Middle East, there has to be a major change in the theocratic dictatorship in Iran. It must end an end quickly in order to have peace and stability.

We want to make sure that in discussing how to bring peace and stability to the Middle East that there is a major focus on Iran and a real honest discussion of what has been going on there. Because I think there are people that ignore the terrible atrocities that the theocratic regime has been responsible for. And until that ends, it is very hard to figure out how to determine peace when a major nation is trying to undermine peace in Lebanon and Syria and Israel and the Arab stage. The greatest source of dissension is the Iranian regime and on purpose. So first of all, let me congratulate Madam Maryam Rajavi on the fine statement that she made and on the courageous leadership of these organizations that have done so much for the Iranian people to give them what they deserve, a free and a democratic Iran.

Let’s remind everyone that there is almost complete agreement that the Ayatollah’s regime is the number one state sponsor of terrorism, not only in the Middle East but in the world. The last time we met in June, it was revealed that four people were arrested and they were going to come to our gathering in Paris and they were going to attack with bombs that gathering.

One of the people arrested was an official of the Iranian government the reality is, this is a country now that you become so desperate if they are planning to do assassinations and bombings in France, in Germany, last year almost a year ago in Albania, a similar plot to kill those of us who were celebrating the new year. This is unheard of in a country that wants to be part of the group of nations. Someone asks me why Iran was not invited to this summit. I do not know why they were not invited, but usually do not invite murderers, killers, despots, dictators because he has no useful purpose they just going to lie to you.

So we hope that all the governments represented here will support the approach that we believe in. That I believe is the policy of my government, which is taking a firm stand against Iran, taking a firm stand so that we don’t do business with them so that we isolate them and so that we do the best that we can to get them to change their policies. And if they don’t change their policies to change the regime.

Iran under the Ayatollahs has desecrated human rights and it is beginning. It is beginning to get very, very questionable that this regime will last. The protest in Iran began in December of 2017 that’s a long time ago. The Ayatollah and Rouhani and that oppressive regime have used brutal methods to try to stop those protests. They’ve murdered people in the streets, they’ve executed people without any trials, without any rights given to them.

They have done everything they can to frighten the people of Iran to stop these protests and instead, the protests are getting bigger, they’re getting stronger, they’re getting better organized. There have been over 170 of them in just about every city in Iran and the more they become oppressive, the more the people fight back and they know that they have our support. We support what they are doing, we support their protest for freedom and for democracy and for rule of law. We support them when we want them to know they’re not alone. All these people are out here in the cold saying to them: You can have what you desire. You can have what you desire. If you courageously resist that terrible government in Tehran, the Iranian people have a right to freedom and democracy. They have a right to be free of this oppressive regime. It begins with them, and I have told you often that my dream is that we will have this gathering soon in the middle of Tehran congratulating Madam Rajavi and all the others, the people who have been in Ashraf and Liberty, some of whom are here today and the martyrs that we have lost.

We will be saying thank you to them for bringing freedom and democracy to Iran.

The major question always about regime change is who will replace the regime? We’ve seen that work and we have seen that go terribly wrong when there was no alternative in place, and yes, the regime in power was oppressive, but the people who took over were even worse. Here, we don’t have to worry about that. Here we have the answer to who will be the alternative and the alternative will be built around not only us, but the groups that feel similar to us. It’s not just about the NCRI, it’s not just about Maryam Rajavi. It is not just about those of us who have been fighting for this and my case 11 years in your case, 30 or 35 years. It will be groups of people who feel the same way as we do.

Maryam Rajavi has laid out a 10 point program. That’s about as clear as you can get. Now, let me summarize it. It is simple. All those who believe in an elected leadership in Iran instead of a dictator or a monarch, all those who believe in the freedom of religion so people can practice the religion they choose, all of those that believe that women should be equal and treated equally in society. Do we believe that?

And don’t we demonstrate that when our great leader is a woman. Just think of how revolutionary that would be in that part of the world. If the leader of Iran were a woman in and of itself that would be a revolution.

We want people to join us who believe that there should be right laws to protect people in Iran. People shouldn’t be taken off the street and executed. People shouldn’t be taken off the street and for some political reason put in jail. We know that’s happening everyday in Iran and it’s been going on since 1979 we want what’s called a rule of law. Let the Lord determine who the wrongdoers are. Not the Ayatollah, not Rouhani, not some single individual.

When human rights are reviewed in the world, we want Iran to be right at the very top, one of the great countries, respecting human rights, not one of the worst countries, if not the worst country in the world, and we want a non-nuclear Iran. All these things are now within our grasp. Many, many see in the protests that are going on in Iran, the kind of instability, the kind of fracture in society that goes on before there’s a regime change. These are the kinds of protests we’ve seen in other countries in South America, in Europe and Asia, in the Middle East, we can feel that the people of Iran are willing to keep protesting, to keep resisting, to raise the level of that resistance as much as is necessary in order to have freedom.

Can we be? Can we be in any better place than Warsaw, Poland? Can we be in any better place to protest for freedom than in Warsaw? When I was young, this country was dominated and crushed by the Soviet oppressors. This is a religious country. It’s a Catholic country. People here weren’t allowed to practice their religion.

but they never succumbed quietly and then more strongly through solidarity. They protested, they resisted, and nobody, nobody thought it would happen quickly.

I worked for President Reagan. He believed that Poland could be free and should be free, and now it is. So what better place for us to express our dreams of freedom, in a place that is a living example of what can happen when an oppressed people become free. Look at how wonderfully this country is doing. It’s economy doing well. It’s people with self-respect and pride. Our people in Iran are the very same people, very same desires. Within a few years of free, Iran will be one of the leading nations of the world. And all of you can say thank you to those men and women who lost their lives to this oppressive regime, and those who fought back. And all of us can share in that. And I tell you, we are going to have this celebration sooner rather than later in Tehran. And I want to be there with you.

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