ran State-Run Media Warn Regime’s Officials of Another Public Outburst


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Shamsi Saadati

With Iran’s increasing economic crisis due to the regime mismanagement, state-run media warn of another public outburst.
With Iran’s increasing economic crisis due to the regime’s mismanagement, state-run media warn of another public outburst against the entire regime.

“in the current [Persian year] of 1399, many types of research show poverty line in Tehran [capital] has reached 10 million tomans, because the prices have been on the rise, and as a result, people’s purchasing power has declined, and they can no longer even meet their essential needs,” wrote the state-run Mardom Salarie on Sunday, in an article entitled: “Sick economy and rising trend of poverty in society.”

“Statistics show that the poor and middle class are moving along a certain economic line, and it is safe to say that at least half of the country’s population lives below the poverty line,” Mardom Salarie added.

Mardom Salarie quickly warns the regime’s authorities that “If the economic conditions do not change and continue to increase, we will see disorders in society, in not a pleasant way. This problem will transmit from to its core and damages the society’s core, and gradually this disorder and chaos will pervade all social classes.”

The regime’s state-run media call people’s major protests and uprising, like the ones in November 2019, “riot,” “incident,” and “disorder.”

The regime and its apologists have tried to blame international sanctions as the real reason for all economic and social crisis inside Iran.

“Even if the whole world becomes [the regime’s] ally even if all international sanctions are lifted, and we can export more oil than usual, the problems and challenges [of the regime] will remain,” wrote the state-run Jahan-e Sanat on Sunday, underlining that the regime’s “strategies within cannot guide toward progress.”

The recent uprising in Iran and the ongoing protests in Iran by all walks of life show that Iranian people consider the entire regime as the source of all economic and social problems. Their hatred toward the regime is not limited to the current government or several officials.

“People’s anger toward Hassan Rouhani’s government and the criticism of [the government’s actions] is not limited to the current government. These are [people’s] condensed anger and wrath of the previous governments and their actions, which have resulted in the current situation. We have a frustrated [public],” wrote the state-run Sharq daily on Saturday.

“Society mistrusts… political figures because it has neither common class interests nor moral values with them,” Sharq article adds, falsely claiming “this closed dilemma between the society and the political figures have also made the society passive.”

Major Iran protests in November 2019 showed the Iranian society is restive and not passive. With people storming the regime’s suppressive centers and calling for regime change.


As the state-run media have warned, due to the increasing economic and social hardships that originated from the regime’s mismanagement and wrong policies, another uprising in Iran is inevitable.


Iran State-Run Media Warn Regime’s Officials of Another Public Outburst

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