Major Fire Outbreak at Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex in Southwestern Iran


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Hamideh Taati

Following an explosion and fire in the Kavoshgaran Petroleum Refining Company facilities, one of the sites of the Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex in southwestern Iran, two members of the unit were severely injured.

While confirming the incident, the official state news agency IRNA announced that the fire was extinguished and under control. It reported that two workers of this petrochemical unit were suffering from severe burns and transferred to Hajieh Narges Hospital in Mahshahr. According to IRNA, firefighters eventually managed to contain the blaze.

“The cause of the accident is being investigated by HSE experts of the Special Economic Zone Organization,” a spokesman for the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone said in an interview with IRNA.

The fire breakout and explosion in petrochemical companies and units in Iran, especially in Mahshahr economic zone is not an unprecedented case. Tondgouyan Petrochemical in Mahshahr, Ilam Petrochemical, Khark Island Petrochemical Complex, and Kangan Petroleum Refinery had already experienced similar events. In August 2021, the chemical waste warehouse of Hamour Company, located in the Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Zone, had also caught fire.

The most widespread and damaging fire incident at an oil facility occurred in June last year at the Tehran oil refinery, killing one person and injuring another. While some of these cases are suspected to be intentional, another major cause of these incidents is the poor status and the worn-out equipment.

ISNA state news agency quoted Mohsen Adibi, spokesman for the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, as saying that the cause of the accident was being investigated by experts from the Special Economic Zone Organization.

This happened only three days after the IRNA news agency announced the arrest of “the perpetrators of the fire in the cars parked in the parking lot of the guest house of Rah-e Avaran Fanun Petrochemical Company in Mahshahr.”




Major Fire Outbreak at Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex in Southwestern Iran

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