Latest News on Iran – January 28th, 2020

Written by Mansoureh Galestan

Iranian Aircraft Blocks the Mahshahr Highway

A Caspian Airlines airplane ended up on a busy highway in Mahshahr, Iran, apparently because it overshot the end of the runway.

There were 135 passengers on board the plane when it overshot the runway and on to a highway without its wheels down. Fortunately, no one was injured in this surprise accident.

Photos and video footage was taken of the Caspian Airlines airplane’s grounding show it was positioned in the center of the highway in Mahshahr, blocking the traffic flow.

Caspian Airlines Flight 6936 took off from Tehran, Iran’s capital city, early on Monday and was scheduled to touch down in the southwestern town, when it skidded out of control, eventually coming to a standstill on the Mahshahr-e-Ahwaz highway.

Iran News Wire
An #Iranian passenger plane made an emergency landing this morning in a street in Mahshahr SW #Iran. There are no reports of casualties. Iranians on social media platforms are telling each other not to use Iran’s airliners as this is the third such incident this week.

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9:15 AM – Jan 27, 2020
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Canada Won’t Give Up Until Credible Answers on Iran Crash

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, doesn’t intend to give up in the quest to seek answers to the devastating crash.

Freeland was in Davos, Switzerland when she was interviewed by Bloomberg TV. She stated that she is demanding a “real, independent” transparent analysis of the black box which could offer the key to the cause of the crash.

The Iranian regime is being pressurized by the international community to be fully accountable for what caused the crash of the Ukrainian International Airlines aircraft on Jan. 8. The passenger plane was shot down just two minutes following its departure from Tehran. There were dozens of Canadian nationals on board that Ukrainian plane.

Rockets Strike the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, U.S. Official Says

On Sunday, January 27, more details about the three rockets that struck Baghdad’s U.S. Embassy were revealed, according to a US official only one person suffered a minor injury in the attack and was now back at work.

Secretary Pompeo

· 23h
Spoke today with Iraqi Prime Minister Abd al-Mahdi about yesterday’s rocket attack against our Embassy, a flagrant attack on Iraq’s sovereignty.

Secretary Pompeo

As I emphasized in our conversation, the Government of #Iraq must take immediate steps to protect our diplomatic facilities as required by international law.

9:16 PM – Jan 27, 2020
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Iraq Buys Iranian Gas But Doesn’t Pay

Iranian oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, revealed that Iraq hasn’t kept up with payments for its natural gas imports from Iran.

Each day it has been estimated that 20 million cubic meters of gas are exported to Iraq with a monthly value of $200 million. Despite this commitment, Iraq has failed to settle accumulating debts for the product.

The Iranian regime has been using Iraq and its proxies that dominate the government to bypass the U.S. sanctions.

Iraq- International support for Iraqi Protests

Following Moqtada Al Sadr (the Iranian regime proxy), who had recently failed to derail the Iraqi protests by calling for a mass demonstration, which was turned down by Iraqi youth and protesters last Friday, a major attack to protesters in Tahrir square and other centers of resistance in South of Iraq, left at least 17 protesters killed and 250 injured during the weekend. The Iraqi security forces alongside the Iranian regime backed militias were responsible for the attack.

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)
January 27 – Nasiriyah, southern #Iraq
Demonstrations continue against government corruption & the Iranian regime’s meddling.

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3:31 PM – Jan 27, 2020
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Following the attack, the embassies of 16 countries, including the US, issued a statement condemning Iraq’s use of force against protesters.

The statement urged the Iraqi government to guarantee “credible investigations and accountability” into the killings of the protesters since the beginning of the protests in Iraq. More than 600 people have been reported to have been killed in Iraq’s anti-government protests since last October, the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq reported.

The statement was signed by embassies of Britain, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Sweden.

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