Large Number of Girls, Women Among Those Killed and Arrested

Women’s Committee the NCRI: A large number of women and girls are among those killed and arrested during the Iran Protests.
Written by Mansoureh Galestan

Iran Uprising, No. 59

A large number of women and girls are among those killed and arrested during the November 2019 uprising. Some of them are minors. Many of those killed were shot in the head and chest. Those arrested, especially women, are being held under inhumane conditions and subjected to torture and harassment.

More than a month after the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising, the mullahs’ anti-human regime, fearing the consequences of the horrific crimes it has committed, is doing its utmost to prevent the disclosure of the names and particulars of those killed or arrested. In many cases, it hands over the bodies of the victims to their family on the condition that they promise not to hold funerals for their children and state in writing that they had been killed in accidents.

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran hails the heroic Iranian women for rising up to overthrow the medieval regime ruling Iran. It urges the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur for the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, the Rapporteur for Violence against Women, and other women’s and human rights advocates to condemn the massacre of the Iranian people, especially women. It also calls for immediate action to stop crime against humanity in Iran and the dispatch by the UN of an international fact-finding mission to Iran to visit those arrested, especially women prisoners.


Nikta Khazaii 31st woman identified among those killed in Iran protests … *Names of 547 martyrs of #IranUprising announced, so far

Nikta Khazaii 31st woman identified among those killed in Iran protests
The Iranian Resistance announced another 27 names of those killed during the Iran protests, including a woman, Nikta Khazaii from Mehrshahr, Karaj.
18:33 – 21 Dec 2019
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The names and particulars of several women martyrs are as follows:

1. Tehran – Nikta Esfandani, 14 years old.
2. Tehran – Mina Sheikhi: 59 years old, mother of six children. She was shot in the heart.
3. Tehran – Golnaz Samsami: 34 years old. Was shot in the head.
4. Tehran – Shariar – Azadeh Zarbi, 28 years old.
5. Tehran – Robat Karim – Maryam Nouri.
6. Tehran – Robat Karim – Marzieh Abbaszadeh
7. Tehran – Baharestan – Fatima Habibi
8. Karaj – Mahnaz Mehdizadeh Nader.
9. Karaj – Bita Khodadi.
10. Karaj – Ameneh Shahbazi Fard: 34 years old, mother of three children, including a four-year-old daughter. She was shot in the neck from behind while helping a wounded protester.
11. Karaj – Baghestan – Azar Mirzapour Zahabi: a nurse in Shafa Hospital. 48 years old and a mother of 4 children. Was shot in the heart while crossing the street.
12. Karaj- Mehrshahr – Nikta Khazai
13. Behbahan – Shabnam Diani.
14. Abadan – Halimeh Samiri.
15. Mahshahr – Hossniyeh Etqi.
16. Ahvaz – Massomeh Darabpour.
17. Sanandaj – Ziba Khogvar.
18. Kamyaran – Prisa Seifi.
19. Shiraz – A grade school student, was shot from a helicopter.
20. Behbahan – a 13-year-old girl, was shot from behind along with three young men, Farzad, Mehrdad, and Mahmoud Dashti.


Women’s Committee

National Council of Resistance of Iran

December 22, 2019

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