Iran’s State-Media and their Endless Warnings!



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Iran’s state media have spent years helping the ruling theocracy by covering up its crimes and twisting the truth. But it now seems that the society’s volatile situation prevents the regime’s media outlets to continue spreading propaganda, compelling them to acknowledge some aspects of the harsh reality.

In its article on April 17, “living in the clutches of crisis,” the state-run Hamdeli daily admitted how precarious the situation for the regime is. “The crises continue to hurt the society as open wounds. Thus, for years, officials have used the term ‘the current sensitive situation’ instead of crisis,” the paper wrote.

The regime is entangled in crises as the country is going through its worst financial crisis. The current government of Ebrahim Raisi, an internationally wanted criminal, is bereft of any solution to Iran’s economic crunch. Thus, it has started a blame game, accusing its predecessor. Besides, Raisi continues making hollow promises and brazenly boasting the situation has improved.

“The government now claims everything has ended. Since it cannot do anything, it has started a blame game, and its claims about selling oil and restoring Iran’s frozen funds fall on people’s deaf ears, no one believes a word of [the establishment],” the state-run Mostaghel daily wrote in this regard on April 17.

“If there has been any progress, why is it not evident in people’s lives? Perhaps, the system has other priorities than people’s lives,” the paper added. “When workers share their concerns, [Raisi] asks if they had lunch! In other words, there is a striking contrast between what the system says and what the people’s demands are. This could lead to people destroying the [system] instead of repairing it. “

Other state-run newspapers on April 17 called out Raisi’s empty gestures and expressed concerns about uprisings and protests, calling them riots and expressions of dissatisfaction.

“If we fail to have a clear and realistic approach to the current issues, we would soon face various crises and waves of riots and disaffections,” the state-run Mardom Salarie wrote on April 17.

The fact that the water behind the dam, in this case, people’s anger toward the regime, can longer be concealed was acknowledged by other state media, such as Sharq daily, on April 21.

Sharq daily, an outlet linked to the regime’s so-called reformists faction, has worked for decades to maintain the regime’s façade of moderation and whitewash criminals like the regime’s presidents Hassan Rouhani and Mohammad Khatami.

“It seems that officials live in another world, far from people. They are always making harsh comments about people, spreading hatred. Meanwhile, most people feel that the country’s economy is not on the path to revitalization. They see how corruption in different bodies and institutions prevents [people] from meeting their demands. One cannot ignore these facts,” Sharq wrote.

The ongoing protests in Iran by people from all walks of life are testaments that these warnings and the agonizing fear among the regime’s media are not unfounded.

The regime’s decades of corruption, ineptitude, mismanagement, and squandering people’s wealth on terrorism have turned Iran into a powder keg. The last eight uprisings confirm this volatility.

As the state-run Hamdeli daily acknowledged on April 21, “We created this situation. One who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”


Iran’s State-Media and their Endless Warnings!

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