Iranian Bakers in Dezful Stage Protests Over Unpaid Wages

By Mohammad Sadat Khansari

Iranian bakery workers in Dezful, Khuzestan province, held a protest rally on Sunday, June 16, according to local reports. The workers, numbering at about 150, protested against the failure of the regime’s local bakers association to pay their wages. The protesters gathered in front of the building of the Aid, Labor and Social Welfare Organization in Dezful.

The protesting bakers point to the fact that since December 19, 2018, despite an increase in bread prices, no measures were taken to raise the wages of about 400 workers in 150 bakeries in the city, and none of the regime’s corrupt institutes have responded to the demands of the bakery workers.

The bakers of Dezful are one of many labor communities across Iran who have been protesting unpaid wages and deteriorating work and living conditions. In the past year, Khuzestan has seen similar protests by large groups of workers from the Haft Tapeh sugar mill and steel workers of Iran National Steel Group, the largest steel factory in Iran.
In all cases, the regime’s officials have failed to meet the demands of the workers, and have instead resorted to empty promises, intimidation, arrests and torture of protesters.

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