Iran’s Regime Acknowledges to MEK’s Role in Iran Protests

Written by
Shahriar Kia

Iran Protests – November 2019
In recent weeks and months, the state-run radio and TV, media outlets, and websites of the Iranian regime have repeatedly and on numerous occasions confessed to the role of the MEK in leading, organizing, and guiding protests and uprisings in Iran.

On Sunday, May 17, the state-run website Erja News urged the clerical regime’s officials to be vigilant about the growing public embrace of the MEK’s ideals and slogans, especially among university students and the country’s intellectuals. It underscored the “sinister awakening of sleeping cells” of the MEK, in their “thousands,” inside the country and expressed fear over the expansion of the activities of the MEK and its Resistance Units.


Below are some excerpts of the Erja News commentary:


MEK and awakening of the sleeping cells


On May 5, 2020, Gholamreza Esmaili, the spokesman of the judiciary, said that the two detained elite students of the Sharif University of Technology have been accused of having links with the MEK, attempts to carry out operations against the system’s centers, and possession of explosives. A year ago, the esteemed minister of intelligence revealed the arrest of 116 operational teams of the MEK in 2018 alone (Alavi, April 19, 2019).


All this unfolds while, especially over the past two years, the MEK’s TV network (so-called the “Face of Freedom”) and other media affiliated with this terrorist grouplet, keep airing images of operations conducted by the MEK’s operational teams on a nightly basis, including the explosion of Bassij bases and religious seminaries, among others. Although the 12th Imam’s unknown soldiers [i.e. the regime’s intelligence agents] have also carried out an intense effort to confront the MEK’s sabotage and terrorist activities, but the important question in the strategic arena is that what happened that in the last two years we are now witnesses to such events? And, more importantly: What sort of a plan of action has been adopted by the MEK grouplet and especially their leader, Massoud Rajavi, about whose enmity toward the system and the Revolution there is absolutely no doubt or the slightest question? The answer lies in a flashback o the 1980s and 1990s. The generations of the Revolution in those days clearly remember how operational teams of the MEK conducted dozens or hundreds of operations against the dedicated forces of the IRGC and the Bassij on a daily basis. In the end, more than 17,000 of the best children of the Revolution and the most elite brothers of the IRGC were innocently killed. They took the most senior officials of the system from us; valued martyrs like Sayyad Shirazi and Assadollah Lajevardi were taken from us.


America attacked Iraq in March 2003. The MEK bases also came under some of the most intense bombings. Following the end of the war, too, despite a conciliatory attitude toward the MEK, they disarmed them. Subsequently, the many complex problems that the MEK faced in Iraq hampered their ability to plan for and equip their operational teams. That is why, between the years 2003 to 2017, we did not witness any more sabotage operations by the MEK. Many naive elements thought that the MEK is finished, at least in the operational sphere. But in the midst of all this, it was Khamenei who repeatedly warned about an enemy waiting in the wings for an opportunity. “We have to identify the enemy. … If you on the other side of the front fall asleep, this does not mean that your enemy is also asleep. He is awake” (Khamenei, February 23, 2020).


What were these warnings intended to accomplish?


His Excellency (Khamenei) has profound foresight and a deep vision. He is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the dark-minded MEK and Massoud Rajavi personally. He knew that they have not abandoned [the struggle against] the regime and that as soon as they find the opportunity they would return to sabotage and terrorist operations against the entirety of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic. And this turned out to be true. After the transfer of the MEK’s main body from Iraq and their collective and organized housing in a base in Albania, or in other words, after the removal of protection concerns and other worries that existed in Iraq, once again all their energy, funding and capabilities became focused on reactivating operational sabotage teams inside Iran. Particularly during all the previous years, the MEK turned its operational teams in Iran into sleeper cells, and of course, it added to them and increased their numbers gradually underneath the urban surface.


The sinister awakening of sleeper cells


Now, it has been two years that we have witnessed the MEK awakening thousands of their sleeper cells one cluster after another, describing them as Resistance Units and delegating missions for operations and destruction through a concentrated [central] command. Even after the riots of November 2019, the wicked leader of the MEK issued a message and said: “The triumphant strategy of the army of freedom passed its test successfully in the rebellious units, neighborhoods and cities” (Massoud Rajavi, November 2019). In this way, he is confessing to the fact that there is no riot or plot in which the MEK does not play an influential role. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Leader (Khamenei) over the past two years has on numerous occasions warned about the threat posed by a crafty enemy, urging Bassij forces to be on alert in every city and neighborhood, and ordering the system’s entire edifice to equip themselves in order to confront an enemy seeking to overthrow [the regime]. So, now that the sworn enemy of the system has awakened its sleeper cells, we as the dedicated and ready-to-sacrifice forces of the Revolution and the Imam must also rise up to wage an all-out defense of the system and the Revolution.

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