Iran: Regime’s New Measures To Destroy Evidence of 1988 Massacre in Khavaran



massacre of 30,000 political prisoners In Iran
Written by
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Iran: Regime’s new restrictions in Khavaran Cemetery to facilitate the destruction of 1988 massacre’s evidence
The psychological torture of the families and relatives of victims of the 1988 massacre, and crimes against humanity continue
International call to condemn and prevent the destruction of martyrs’ tombs
In an attempt to destroy the martyrs’ graves and the evidence of the egregious crime against humanity during the 1988 massacre, the inhuman clerical regime is putting up walls and installing surveillance cameras around Khavaran Cemetery in Tehran, where many of the martyrs in Tehran Are buried.

During the 1988 massacre, the clerical regime executed 30,000 political prisoners in a few months, most of them supporters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI). With the new measures and to impose more control, the clerical regime also intends to limit the martyrs’ relatives and people’s access to the cemetery as much as possible

To eradicate the evidence of the crimes against humanity, the clerical regime has been systematically destroying the tombs of those executed for political reasons in Tehran and various cities across the country, including Ahvaz, Tabriz, and Mashhad.

The Iranian Resistance urges the United Nations Secretary-General, the UN Security Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Human Rights Council, as well as other human rights organizations, to firmly condemn these criminal acts and to take urgent action to prevent the destruction of the martyrs’ tombs and the imposition of cruel restrictions on family visits to Khavaran Cemetery.

In a letter to the UN Secretary-General and the leaders of the European Union and the United States on May 4, 2021, some 1112, members of the families of the MEK martyrs wrote, “The Iranian regime has embarked on erasing the traces of the evidence on the massacre by destroying the mass graves where they are buried.” The most recent of such efforts is trying to destroy the political prisoners’ mass graves in Khavaran Cemetery. The families called for “immediate measures to prevent further destruction of martyrs’ graves and the elimination of the traces of crimes which amount to the psychological torture of thousands of bereaved families across Iran.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
May 27, 2022

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