Iran Regime’s Deputy Interior Minister Warns of Uprisings


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Mehdi Oghbai

“People are becoming more interested to hold street protests,” warned Taghi Rostamvandi, the Iranian regime’s Deputy Interior Minister, admitting the explosive state of society.

As protests by Iranians from all walks of life continue to spread across the country due to the economic and social woes, regime officials and state media can no longer pretend that the situation is normal.

“The index of people’s desire to protest is very important. We should conduct a socio-political assessment when people come on to the streets showing intense forms of protests because those protests will break the norms,” Rostamvandi acknowledged on January 16, according to the state-run Iran Press website.

“The public’s patience is wearing very thin as economic-financial pressures continue to mount. We should also sound the alarm as more people are leaning toward a secular government due to ineptitude or mismanagement. This is very dangerous,” Rostamvandi said, referring to people’s growing hatred toward the regime and their growing calls for a secular government.

Since hijacking the revolution in 1979, Iran’s ruling theocracy has been using religion to justify its atrocities. The mullahs have been using Friday prayers’ sermons and mosques to spread their propaganda and defend their reactionary interpretation of Islam, which Iran’s vibrant society, mainly youths, has rejected.

“It is unacceptable that central mosques in cities fail to hold daily prayers. The blame lays on you people. The prayer leaders complain that we go to mosques, but people do not show up. This is not the path of the [regime]. We have had achievements, such as victory in [Iran-Iraq] war,” Ahmadreza Shahrokhi, the Friday Prayer leader of Khorramabad said on January 14, according to the state TV.

Recalling Iran’s nationwide November 2019 protests after gas price hike
By victory, Shahrokhi means the regime’s success in sending millions of Iranians to their death during the Iran-Iraq War. In the 1980s, the mullahs used mosques and other tribunes to recruit and brainwash children and forcibly dispatch them to the front lines. The regime used innocent children as human waves to clear the minefields.

“When the war broke out, we spoke to people in such a way that the Ministry of Education was able to send 36,000 children who went to the war who became martyrs. This figure did not include the wounded [children],” Mehdi Karoubi, the regime’s former Parliament speaker acknowledged in 2009.

The Iranian people are suffering from the country’s economic crunch, caused by the regime’s corruption, ineptitude, and mismanagement. Instead of resolving people’s problems, the regime has stepped up its oppression, and propaganda to hide the dark face of poverty in Iran. Thus, another uprising is on the horizon, terrifying the regime, its state media, and officials.

“The country’s situation is not good. This is the unvarnished truth and obvious to everyone. Revolts, much larger than the 2018 and 2019 [uprisings] are looming. If we do not maintain unity and act accordingly, as many sociologists have warned, this time, the poor will take revenge on the streets,” the state-run Mardom Salarie daily warned on January 16.


Iran Regime’s Deputy Interior Minister Warns of Uprisings

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