Iran News in Brief – May 8, 2022



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Hamideh Taati

Security Forces Face Fierce Resistance in Izeh, South Iran


In the last couple of days, the counter-insurgency unit has been dispatched to the city of Izeh in the southern Khuzestan Province and clashes erupted when it faced the resistance of the locals. Security forces used tear gas to disperse a protest rally but a number of the security forces have been beaten by people in the streets.

A number of people who had taken to the streets were identified, and early the next morning, the Iranian regime’s agents arrested them. In Izeh, the repressive forces of the Basij and the IRGC in neighboring provinces were put on high alert and a number of them were stationed in schools and high schools to be ready to be dispatched.
Six New Executions Recorded in Iran
A number of people who had taken to the streets were identified,

At dawn on Saturday, May 7, four prisoners, including a woman, were executed in Zahedan Central Prison in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Southeast Iran. The death sentences of these four prisoners had been issued before, and they had been transferred to the quarantine of Zahedan Central Prison since May 6.

The execution of two prisoners in Qom was also carried out by the Iranian regime’s Judiciary on May 7.


Livelihood Problems Are Becoming Security Problems, MP Warns
A number of people who had taken to the streets were identified,

Soaring prices and record-high inflation that is threatening to cause a new wave of uprisings in Iran has cast a shadow on today’s parliament session.

During his speech in the regime’s parliament session today, MP Majid Naserinejad said: “Mr. Speaker, we really have a serious warning to the President. It’s regarding inflation. He promised to stop inflation. We were supposed to stop inflation. Did you want to stop the soaring prices this way? Some friends suggest we should better inform the people. There is no problem with information; people just can no longer bear these pressures. People are fed up. The issue is a security issue and it must be stopped.”

“Now the dust has taken the breath away from Khuzestan,” he added. “Officials are not seeing any way out of the situation. They don’t move, they’re asleep. People got sick, their lives are ruined, and no one is trying to find a solution.”


Iran News in Brief – May 8, 2022

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