Iran News in Brief – May 5, 2022


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Hamideh Taati

Basij Warns Raisi Not to Increase Basic Food Prices

In an open letter to the Iranian regime’s president, Ebrahim Riasi, made public by the state-run Fars news agency, the Student Basij Organization warned about the social disorder and how skyrocketing prices can lead to unrest.

“The society is not prepared for this sudden increase in prices with this level of unplanned implementation,” the letter reads. “We sympathetically inform you that the turmoil in the markets in recent weeks, and especially the shocking decision of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad to increase the price of flour, can have consequences and lead to social unrest. Especially today, when the counter-revolutionary publications are lurking in order to incite chaos in the country and to put more pressure on the state. It is necessary for the honorable government to make decisions with coordination and power, and to avoid shocks that evolve by failing to convince public opinion.”

Tehran-backed Militants Continue To Pose A Threat, US Congressional Report States

In his latest report on Operation Inherent Resolve, which was originally established to counter ISIS, the United States congressional’s appointed inspector general said that threats and operations by militias backed or aligned with the Iranian regime continue to threaten the interests of Washington and its allies in the region.

The report reads: “Third parties, particularly Iran-aligned militias, continued to pose a threat to U.S. and Coalition personnel in Iraq and Syria and complicate counter-ISIS operations.11 Iran-aligned militias in Iraq launched attacks against U.S. military and diplomatic facilities during the quarter.12 The militias limited their attacks during the quarter likely to safeguard their political interests during the government formation process.13 In Syria, forces aligned with the Syrian regime, Russia, Iran, and Turkey continued to operate, often distracting the SDF from counter-ISIS operations and seeking to erode the SDF’s base of support.”

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Do Something Before It’s Too Late, State-affiliated Cleric Warns Raisi

Today, according to Eslahat News, Mohammad Taghi Fazel Meybodi, a state-affiliated cleric wrote an unprecedented letter to the Iranian regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi.

“Mr. Raisi! So far, no administration in this country had increased the price of bread for the people with such a steep slope in the first year of its rule. The most basic food of the people is bread, meat, and rice,” Maybodi wrote, warning: “Mr. President, if the country’s economy is not fixed and inflation is not controlled, there will be no revolution, God forbid, we should expect the hungry to rebel. A rebellion is more dangerous than a revolution. Let’s find a solution before it’s too late.”


Calls for Regime Change in Tehran, Iran’s Capital

On May 4, at 7 PM local time, bystanders and passersby in Honarmandan Park in the central part of Tehran were surprised to hear slogans of regime change aired from loudspeakers.

Some slogans were as follows:

“Death to Khamenei! Hail to Rajavi!”,

“Neither the Shah nor the mullahs! Damn all of them!”,

“Death to Khamenei-Raisi!”

Some excerpts from famous speeches by Iranian Resistance leaders were also aired.

US Senate Votes to Keep Terrorism-Related Sanctions on Tehran

The US Senate voted in favor of a motion aimed at maintaining “terrorism-related” sanctions against the Iranian regime. The motion, proposed by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday evening, will focus on China’s military-economic cooperation with Tehran, in addition to maintaining and strengthening sanctions on the regime over its terrorist activities.

86 senators voted in favor while 12 others voted against the bill. Although the passage of the motion is not binding at this stage, according to Reuters, it indicates the senators’ point of view in this regard.


Iran: MEK Resistance Units Mark Int’l Labor Day

Members of the Iranian Resistance Units, the internal network of the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), launched an expansive initiative of widespread anti-regime activities across the country on May 1 marking International Workers Day, voiced their opposition to the regime and the solutions they believe will bring an end to this nightmare.

Resistance Units members in numerous cities spread slogans targeting the mullahs’ institutionalized corruption that has ruined the lives of the Iranian people for four decades and counting. Workers throughout Iran are among the most deprived classes of the society, barely making ends meet with the minimum wages that they are often deprived of for months on.

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Iran News in Brief – May 5, 2022

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