Iran Nationwide Uprising, Night Protests – Day 64

Burning the IRGC symbol in Izeh and Burning the regime agent’s car.

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Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Iran Protest-No. 142

NCRI logoNight protests in Tehran and other cities, setting fire to the regime’s symbols and icons
Friday, November 18, on the 64th day of the uprising, the funeral processions of the martyrs of the uprising, Kian Pir-Falak, and Artin Rahmani in Izeh, Aylar Haghi in Tabriz, Morad Bahramian, Moslem Hoshangi, and Ali Abbasi in Semirom, Azad Hosseinpour, and Mohammad Ahmadi Gagesh in Mahabad, Fawad Mohammadi in Kamiyaran, Ghafoor Moloodi in Bukan and Amir Farasat Shad in Piranshahr were attended by a large crowd chanting “Death to Khamenei.” The suppressive forces tried to prevent the processions by blocking their paths and attacking them, but they failed to do so, facing the courage and determination of the people; hence the funeral processions turned into a passionate protest against the clerical regime.

On the same day, people in the cities of Tabriz, Mahabad, Bukan, Izeh, Sanandaj, Sahne, Miandoab, Zahedan, Iranshahr, Saravan, Chabahar, Khash, Jakigor, Rask, Sepidan, Saqez, Marivan, Qazvin, Khorasgan, Semiram, Noukabad, Sarbaz, Taftan, Dashti, Khoi, Paveh, Yasouj, and Bijar staged their protest.

On Friday night, Tehran and various cities witnessed night protests, engaging in hit-and-ran clashes with the suppressive forces and setting fire to the regime’s symbols and icons.


Night protests in Tehran-Pars and Ziba-Shahr began by chanting, “Death to the dictator,” “Death to the principle of Velayat al-Faqih,” and “Death to the Supreme Leader after many long years of crimes.” On Friday, the students at Khwajeh-Nasir University protested and chanted, “Incessant killing and shooting, Set on fire Evin prison.”


West Azarbaijan

The residents of Khoi came to the streets and held a night protest, and the defiant youths using Molotov cocktails attacked the trade union office and a police booth. During the funeral procession of Milad Marouf, who suppressive forces killed on Friday, November 18, the people of Bukan staged a night protest chanting, “The martyr will never die” and “Khamenei, the Tyrant! We shall bury you”. There was intense fighting between the people and the suppressive security forces in the so-called Imam township of Golestan close to the Saheli ring road. The people of Bukan staged a protest gathering by lighting fire in the streets.


People started their night protest in Foulad Shahr, and the youth set barricades in the street by lighting fire. In Semirom, a large crowd of protesters blocked the road by lighting a fire and clashed with the security agents. The defiant youths attacked the city’s Municipality and the office of a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament), and the office of Friday prayer’s constituency with Molotov cocktails. Students protested in Najaf Abad, chanting “Mullahs must get lost”.


Cities of Sanandaj, Saqqez, Javanroud, Bijar, etc., were the scenes of night protest chanting: “Death to the dictator” and setting roadblocks by lighting fire. Saqez merchants, Friday, were on strike.



Residents of Sar-e Pol-Zohab staged their protest chanting slogans “Death to dictator” and “Death to the dictator” and “Shame on Khamenei, let go of the country,” “We swear on the blood of those fallen that we will continue this path to the end!”, “Political prisoners should be freed”. They also set roadblocks by lighting fire. State-run news agency IRNA reported on Friday, November 18, quoting the governor of the city of “Sahneh,” that on Friday evening, Colonel Nader Bairami, the intelligence officer of this city, was killed in a clash with youths.


The people of Ilam poured into the streets, protesting at night by setting fire and engaging in clashes with the suppressive agents of the regime. The security forces shot tear gas at the people.


Razavi Khorasan

The defiant youths set on fire to a booth of the suppressive state security forces in Mashhad. In their night protest, people blocked the roads by setting a fire.

Fars province

In Shiraz, defiant youths blocked the street with fire in Ma’ali Abad district and held a night protest in Qadir Abad chanting” “Shame on our disgraced leader,” and using Molotov cocktails set on fire a most despised Basij base.


Youths in the Ziba-Kenar district set on fire to a Basij headquarters and a bank affiliated with the IRGC.


A police station was targeted with Molotov cocktails by defiant youth in the city of Sari.


Defiant youths in the city of Tuyserkon set fire to the office of the city’s Friday prayer leader with Molotov cocktails.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

November 19, 2022

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