Iran: Demonstrations and Clashes in Tehran, Other Cities on the 39th Night of Nationwide Uprising

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Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Iran Protest-No. 78

NCRI logoMonday night, October 24, on the 39th night of the uprising, various areas in Tehran, including Karoun, Jeyhun, Mortazavi, Roudaki, Khosh, South Jannat Abad, Nawab, Selsabil, Qasr al-Dasht, Hashemi, Sahrurdi, and Kamil streets as well as District 10 near Sadr, were the scene of demonstrations with the slogans “Death to Khamenei,” “Death to the dictator,” “This year, is a year of sacrifice. Seyyed Ali (Khamenei) will be overthrown.”

In Jeyhun, the rebellious youth confronted the suppressive forces firing tear gas at them by lighting a fire. In Mortazavi and Qasr al-Dasht streets, people also clashed with the suppressive forces. A loud explosion was heard in Tehran Pars, and the electricity in the area was cut off.

The Khajeh Nasir University students, who had kicked out the government spokesman from the university yesterday, held a night demonstration on Monday evening, chanting, “We did not sacrifice our lives to compromise and praise the murderous leader,” and “This year is a year of sacrifice. Seyyed Ali (Khamenei) will be overthrown.” In Golshahr Karaj, the slogans “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Khamenei” could be heard from homes.

On Monday, the families of students at Sadr girls high school gathered outside the school, blocking the street and breaking the windows of the school. The plainclothes agents attacked the families, but the youths fiercely resisted their onslaught. In Sanandaj, on Pavyan Blvd and Bahman Street, female students protested, chanting, “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Leader (Khamenei).” The plainclothes agents tried to arrest the girls, but the local youth confronted them and forced them to flee. In Urmia, youths blocked the street by lighting a fire. In Mahabad, in Karmandan town, the youth set fire to the huge banners of Khamenei and Khomeini. In Varamin, the rebellious youth set fire to the posters of regime leaders.

Today, the student uprising has so far spread to at least 27 universities, including Tehran, Sharif, Allamah, Khawaja Nasir, Science and Technology of Amir Kabir, Azad Gharb, Al-Zahra, Tehran Medical Sciences, Isfahan Medical Sciences, Isfahan Industrial, Ferdowsi Mashhad, Mashhad Sports, Zahedan Medical Sciences, Azad Zabul, Mazandaran Architecture, Sari, Hamedan Industrial, Azad Flawar Jan, Tabriz Art, Azad Khorasgan, Azad Shahrekord, Yadegar Shahr-e-Rey, Azad Dezful, Chamran Ahvaz, Azad Kashan, and Maragheh university.

Meanwhile, in continuation of the desperate attempts to cover up the brutal suppression of the protesters, on October 24, the Mizan News Agency affiliated with the Judiciary resorted to another absurd lie and carried the comments by Hamedan’s prosecutor, who tried to whitewash the martyrdom of Hamedan University student Negin Abdul Maliki, who was killed on October 12. It quoted him as saying, “From Nika Shakrami and Sarina Esmaeilzadeh to the death of Asra Panahi, they are evidence of the counter-revolutionary media’s fake killing project… In the latest case, the media and virtual robots claimed that a person named “Negin A.” a 21-year-old student from Qorveh, died during the recent riots in Hamadan… But unfortunately, this lady died due to the consumption of poisoned alcohol.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI, saluted the Khajeh Nasir university students who expelled the government spokesman and said students all over the country stood up on the 39th day of the uprising showing their will to overthrow the clerical regime and establish democracy and people’s sovereignty by chanting, “Student will die, but will never accept humiliation.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

October 25, 2022

Iran: Demonstrations and Clashes in Tehran, Other Cities on the 39th Night of Nationwide Uprising


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