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NCRI - Ahmad Montazeri, son of Hossein-Ali Montazeri, Khomeini's former heir (who revealed a shocking audio tape On August 9, 2016 in which Montazeri can be heard telling a meeting of members of the “Death Committee” 28 years ago (August 15, 1988) that they are carrying out a crime against humanity), said in an interview on May 29 that he hoped in the future cabinet of Hassan Rouhani, to respect the people of Iran, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi would not be present.


NCRI - The most recent consequences of the gang clashes following the astronomical frauds during the sham presidential election are threats to eliminate Rouhani, the regime’s president and attacks against the official television, affiliated to Khamenei.

Sugar Cane Complex Retired Workers Staged Protest

NCRI - A group of retired workers, from the Haft Tapeh sugar cane agro-industrial complex (southern Iran), gathered and staged a protest to demand their unpaid dues on the morning of Monday, May 29.

Ebrahim Raisi,

NCRI - Ebrahim Raisi, one of the main perpetrators of the 1988 massacre and a candidate in the recent sham presidential election in Iran, delivered a speech on Sunday in Mashhad, northeast Iran, lashing his remarks at President Hassan Rouhani.

 Financial institutions

NCRI - Financial institutions that have been set up by Iranian regime and support of Iran’s banking system were widely protested in different cities due to plundering of people’s wealth.

iranian miners workers

NCRI - Closure and transfer of mines in Savadkooh, Mazandaran province (northern Iran) forced about a thousand miners in that city to stay at home or into unemployment. Mehr News Agency reported on Wednesday, May 24.