Iran Regime Was Warned About Flooding Back in October; Did Nothing

By Staff Writer

A director of Dasht-e Azadegan’s Cooperative for Agriculture and Natural Resources - a state organisation responsible for agricultural land management – has said that the Iranian authorities have shown nothing but incompetence and laxity during the floods.

 Iran: Demonstration of Angry People in Flood-Hit Areas of Ahvaz

Iran Flood - No. 9

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi: The facilities of the army and the IRGC should be made available to the people to save the flood victims

On Friday, April 12, 2019, angry people and youth in Malashiyeh in Ahvaz (Khuzestan province) protested against the presence of IRGC commander Mohammad Reza Naghdi in the area, chanting “Get lost, Ahvaz will remain free”, forcing him to leave.

Iran Saturated With Plunderers and Middle-Men

By Staff Writer

In a recent talk with the state run ILNA news agency, an Iranian economist named Hossein Raghfar stated: “for as long as plunderers and middle-men are involved in our government, our economy will remain the same”.

Iran's Crumbling Economy Could Foretell Regime Change

By Amir Taghati

The Iranian Regime is besieged by crises, not least the economic chaos that results from 40 years of mismanagement and corruption. But the Regime is, as always, shifting the blame onto others; whether it be opposing factions in the Regime or foreign “enemies”, like the US.

flood in iran

By Mahmoud Hakamian

On March 17, heavy rainfall in the north of Iran caused the provinces of Golestan, Mazandaran, Northern Khorasan, and Semnan to flood, which resulted in hundreds of deaths, as well as thousands of people being injured, made homeless, or suffering other losses.

Inflation in Iran Now Close to 50 Percent According to New Report

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Between March 2018 and March 2019, goods and services in Iran became 47.5 percent more expensive, so as the Iranian year ended on March 20th, ordinary Iranians face the price increases of nearly 50 percent of the past 12 months, and wonder what the future will bring. It appears that this is the highest inflation of the past five years, according to a report by the Iran Statistical Center on March 21st.


By Mohammad Sadat Khansari

The Supreme Leader of Iran used his first speech of the Iranian New Year to criticise Western countries regarding the 2015 nuclear deal and Europe’s special financial mechanism.