Iran Regime Hangs 2 Women; 93 Women Hanged Under Rouhani
Written by Hamideh Taati 

Two women were hanged at dawn on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 in the Central Prison of Urmia, north-west Iran.

They were identified as Arasteh Ranjbar and Nazdar Vatankhah and had already spent 15 years in prison. They were accused of murder and complicity in murder, respectively.

Written by Hamideh Taati 

The Iranian regime’s Judiciary in Isfahan Province, central Iran, has sentenced a teacher to three years in prison, 74 lashes in public and a fine for holding a sit-in outside the Education Department's local office last December in protest to the arrest of fellow teachers.

Iranian Regime’s Military Shoot and Kill Impoverished Porters

The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) opened fire on porters in Nudsheh Jan in the Iranian Kurdish border region in Kermanshah Provice, killing one porter and wounding another. The incident took place on Wednesday July 3, 2019.

Written by Shahriar Kia 

A representative for the Iranian regime’s Judiciary has claimed that there are no political prisoners in Iran, despite the thousands of political prisoners currently locked up on vague charges inside the hellhole prisons across the country.

Iranian People Resort to Living in Tents out of Poverty
Written by Shamsi Saadati 

A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament from Kermanshah said, "Because of high cost of housing, many have contacted me on behalf of citizens to receive tents to live in parks, so the prices aren't controlled, a national problem is coming."

 Benyamin Albughobeish
Written by Mansoureh Galestan 

A young Iranian Arab man named Benyamin Albughobeish has been killed in an Iranian prison, according to local human rights sources in Ahvaz, south-western Iran.

victims of the 1988 massacre
Written by Hamideh Taati.

The Iranian authorities are systematically violating the absolute prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment by cruel practices targeting family members of the thousands of prisoners who were forcibly disappeared and extrajudicially executed in prisons across Iran during the 1988 massacre, Amnesty International said on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.