17 Prisoners Following a hunger strike and acts of resistance displayed by political prisoners, as well as other protests in Iran in addition to international pressures to release political prisoners in Iran, the Iranian regime was forced to release one of the prisoners.

Currently, 17 political prisoners are on hunger strike at the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran.

stop hangMajor portion of hangings in recent weeks carried out in southern cities

On Saturday, August 7, the inhumane clerical regime carried out yet another heinous act by collectively executing five prisoners at Karoun Prison in the southern city of Ahvaz. The state-run Fars news agency, affiliated with the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), identified the victims with their initials as “M. M.” “M. G.” “Y. S.” “S. A.” and “A. R.,” claiming that they were charged with drug trafficking.

Edam AhwazFive men hanged in Karoun prison of Ahwaz, southwest Iran, state-run news agency Fars reported on Saturday.
The report identified the prisoners by their initiatives; M. M, M. J, Y. S, S. A and A. R, but did not provide any information about their charges.


Further information on UA: 102/10 Index: MDE 13/081/2010  Iran  Date: 05 August 2010

Iran's Supreme Court has rejected Ja'far Kazemi's request to appeal against his death sentence. The sentence was imposed for his alleged participation in anti-government demonstrations and links with a banned organization. His sentence may be carried out at any time. Six other people with alleged links to the same organization are said to be under sentence of death.

MelkertUNITED NATIONS, August 4, 2010 (AFP) - The UN Security Council on Wednesday called for an end to the political impasse in Iraq, urging the country's bickering leaders to quickly form an inclusive government following the March parliamentary vote.

The council's 15 members issued a statement pressing the leaders to "form, as quickly as possible, a government that is inclusive and represents the will of the Iraqi people."

Rajavi calls on UNSC to set up international tribunal to try perpetrators of massacre of political prisoners in IranIn a message on the 22nd anniversary of the massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, called for the establishment of an international tribunal to put on trial the criminals responsible for the massacre.

Mrs. Rajavi said: According to all the evidence and on the basis of opinions submitted by international jurists and stipulations of human rights organizations, this massacre was a flagrant example of both crimes against humanity as well as genocide. This is because its main objective was to eradicate a specific sociopolitical movement that harbored a particular belief, namely in a democratic and tolerant Islam.

Iran: Four executions in Ahvaz and QazvinThe mullahs' inhuman regime hanged a prisoner by the name of Yousef K. in Qazvin Prison on Thursday July 30. Three other prisoners identified as A.A, S.Z and S.M were also hanged on July 25 in Karoun Prison of Ahvaz under the pretext of drug smuggling. One of the prisoners was executed for having only 43 grams of heroin (FARS state-run news agency – July 25 and 30).

16 prisoners launch hunger strikes in IranSixteen prisoners at Tehran’s notorious Evin prison have been transferred to solitary confinement after protesting to the restrictions and inhumane conditions of Ward 350, Daneshjou News reported on Wednesday. The 16 inmates launched a hunger strike after being transferred to solitary confinement and have declared that they will not cease their strike unless their demands are fulfilled. Majid Tavakkoli and Kouhiar Goudarzi are among the strikers.

Call to save the lives of two political prisoners on hunger strikeThe Iranian Resistance calls for efforts to save the lives of political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Gohardasht prison in Karaj, west of Tehran.

Attorney in Iran stoning case remains missingTehran, Iran (CNN) - An attorney representing an imprisoned Iranian woman facing possible execution by stoning remained missing Tuesday, although his wife and brother-in-law were in custody, a human rights activist said.