Due to prevention of medical care by the Iranian regime, Kobra Amir-Khizi, a political prisoner and a relative of Ashraf residents, is on the verge of losing her eyesight.

Kobra Amir-Khizi, who was arrested during Iranian national uprising in charge of having a sister and two children in Ashraf, is imprisoned in Evin prison.

She has serious eye injury due to torture and pressure by the executioners of the Iranian regime and according to doctors she will loose her eye sight completely if she is not treated.

Prisoners have been transferred to death row wards

The Iranian Resistance warns about the planned execution of hundreds of prisoners in Qezel Hessar and Gohardasht prisons. Clerical regime is preparing to execute a number of political prisoners as ordinary convicts.

According to credible reports, over 300 prisoners have been condemned to death in mid-September at Qezel Hessar prison. Among them are political prisoners and those arrested during the period of uprisings. One-hundred-twenty of them are prisoners who staged a protest and revolted against the execution of a prisoner on 15 March 2011. All prisoners condemned to death have been transferred to Ward Two of Qezel Hessar prison which is allocated to prisoners on the death row. Protests by prisoners were faced with added pressures from the henchmen.

State-run ISNA news agency, reported on October 3 that 7 individuals who were detained in cities of Abadeh, Neyriz, Kazeroun, Bovanat and Shiraz were executed in Shiraz after their verdicts were reviewed, confirmed and reissued by the General Prosecutor.

In another occasion, Mullah Jafari, regime’s prosecutor in Sari in northern Iran, refrained from revealing the name of the victim that was hanged in that city.

During recent days, seven prisoners were hanged in prisons of Shahr Kord, Zabol, Qom and Varamin amounting to 62 executions in Iran in September. Twenty-three of them were executed on September 18 (22 in Gohardasht and Evin prisons and 1 in Ghazvin). At least 38 more prisoners have been executed secretly bringing the number of executions in September to 100. Among those executed were a 17 year old juvenile and two teens at ages of 19 and 20 who were under 18 at the time of their alleged offence.

These aggressions are carried out under Maliki’s approval 

 The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the continuous artillery shelling and aggressions of the IRGC and terrorist Quds Force against Iraqi Kurdistan, which in recent days have resulted in the killing and injury of many inhabitants of the border region, displacing hundreds of families, burning numerous farms and harvests and the eradication of their livestock.

The European Union froze the assets of an Iranian regime's terrorist Qods Force as part of broader sanctions against Syria, for its role in the Syrian regime’s deadly crackdown on protesters.

The EU added the Quds Force  along with four Syrian entities and 15 people to the bloc’s list of those targeted by an asset freeze and travel ban.

The Iraqi Tribal Council of Mosul in a statement warned against a group of Sheikhs in Nineveh Province who are hired by Iranian Intelligence Ministry. The statement reads the people of Nineveh will crumple these individuals and throw them into the history’s waste bin as they haves in the past done so to the betrayers.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 08:56    .NCRI - Daneshjou News reported on July 25 that a political prisoner in Urmia prison died as a result of preventing treatment by the henchmen of the Iranian regime.

According to this report that is also reported by Iran-Khabar and HRANA News Agency, Nasser Khanizadeh, a political prisoner from the city of Boukan was suffering from acute gastrointestinal problem; upon worsening of his condition, he was transferred from Boukan prison to the Urmia prison’s clinic, but because he was denied timely treatment, he lost.

Two years after the uprisings, people remain defiant

In a new plot against political prisoners who are relatives of Mojahedin members at Ashraf, the mullahs’ regime transferred them to solitary confinement in section 209 of the infamous Evin Prison. These prisoners include: Mohammad-Ali Mansouri, Saleh Kohandel, and Farzad Madadzadeh, in addition to political prisoner Behrooz Javid Tehrani.

Ms. Jabbari, suffering from a severe heart disease, is in critical condition after being transferred to a hospital designated for dangerous mental patients

The inhumane clerical regime has transferred Ms. Zahra Jabbari, 39, a political prisoner at Evin who suffers from severe rheumatic heart disease, to a hospital designated for dangerous mental patients in Tehran’s Amin Abad. She is being kept in extremely adverse conditions. The regime’s henchmen are refusing to give her even the clothing purchased for her by her family. The objective of this inhumane action is to demoralize her.