Iran: “Protests almost toppled regime,” mullah Jannati saysLast year’s popular protests in Iran almost led to the downfall of the Iranian theocracy, a senior clerical regime official said on Wednesday.

According to the state-run Jahan News, the head of the regime’s Guardian Council, Ahmad Jannati said in a speech on Wednesday that the post-June 2009 uprising aimed to overthrow the Iranian regime, which is based on the principle of velayat-e faqih or absolute clerical rule.

Flag EUThe EU has gotten it mostly right with new sanctions against Iran-if it can stick with them.

Wall Street Journal - If the European Union's execution is as good as the rhetoric, then its latest round of economic sanctions will finally put more than token pressure on Iran over its nuclear-weapons program.

Gen. Mattis: Iran is 'destabilizing force'     UPI - Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis, up for appointment as head of U.S. Central Command, said Tuesday Iran is the greatest destabilizing force in that region.

Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee Iran's nuclear ambitions make it a long-term threat in the region.

Al-Iraqiya leaders warn against Iranian regime meddling and press on right to form new governmentTwo of the leaders of al-Iraqyia List, the winner of the Iraqi parliamentary elections in March, have once again reiterated the list’s position that as the winning coalition it has the legitimate and legal right to form a new government in Iraq.

One of them also warned in a statement published in Azzaman daily about the Iranian regime’s plots against attempts to form a government in Baghdad.

EU to Impose Sanctions on Iran in Bid to Halt Nuclear Drive   Bloomberg - European Union governments are set to impose their toughest sanctions yet on Iran, backing U.S. efforts to force the clerical regime to halt uranium enrichment as proof it’s not seeking a nuclear weapons capability.

The package includes a ban on investing or selling equipment to Iran’s oil and natural gas industries, restrictions on export-credit guarantees and insurance, and closer monitoring of banks doing business with Iran.

Lawrence CannonCTV National News - CTV News has learned the sanctions attempt to curtail Iran's nuclear weapons program by tightening the financial screws on the Iranian regime.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon has called a news conference for 11 a.m. Monday to make the announcement.

In addition to problems obtaining financing, the companies face difficulties in procuring key instruments and hiring drilling rigs, industry insiders said.”According to the Washington Post on July 23, “increasingly tough international sanctions over Iran's nuclear program have significantly slowed the county's most prestigious economic project.”

The Post added, “Threatened by tougher international and U.S. penalties that target the financing of oil projects and technical support for Iran's energy sector, Western firms such as Shell, Total and Halliburton have pulled out of the development of the South Pars gas field.

Iran: Regime prevents commemoration ceremony for renowned poetThe clerical dictatorship in Iran prevented a commemoration ceremony on Saturday for a deceased famous poet, who died ten years ago. A significant number of people and supporters of renowned Iranian poet, Ahmad Shamlou, gathered at his grave to honor his memory, but agents of the State Security Forces (SSF) and the regime’s plainclothes agents prevented the ceremony from taking place.

The Iranian regime funds, arms and trains Iraqi terrorist groups, says US envoy  The US President’s nominee to be the next ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, said at a Senate hearing on Thursday that the Iranian regime funds and arms militias in Iraq, in addition to the widespread activities of its terrorist Qods Force in that country.

Iran appoints an IRGC commander as its new ambassador to IraqHassan Danaifar, an important figure in Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, is Iran's new ambassador to Iraq

Gulf News – Manama - Hassan Danaifar, Iran's new ambassador to Iraq, is an important figure in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and resents the Kurdish inclination towards separatism.