NCRI - According to the latest news received from inside Iranian regime, in the recent weeks the plunderer regime’s CEO and management of Persi Iran Gas have decided to increase the company's salary ratio which apparently covers the entire staff but in fact effectively provides a huge salary increase for the management.

This new trick of theft and embezzlement has taken place following the disclosure of astronomical payroll records and inefficiencies of this plundering approach in the current situation.

NCRI - An embezzlement of 2.5 Million dollars from Teachers Reserve Fund coincided with the the Minister of Education’s resignation, has turned into a crisis as well as a clash of factions in Iran.

In a number of articles with such titles as ‘Teachers Reserve Fund, the headquarters of plunderers of public treasury ‘,

NCRI - In an interview published on the net on October 20, Hashem Khastar, representative of the Teacher’s Trade Association in Khorasan, regarding election of the Association’s representatives said: “The day will come when the Iranian people elect their true representatives themselves, whether in parliament or in the presidential election, or others… and come out of this maelstrom of humiliation and poverty.”Excerpts of Mr. Khastar’s interview:

NCRI - Ameneh Eesa Zadeh, 21, a Baluch Sunni citizen from Khargoushi village in Sirik, was arrested and taken to an unknown location on Monday October 10, following her criticism of a religious ritual.

According to reports on Sunday October 9, two Baluch citizens were assassinated at the entrance of Saravan by unidentified persons.

Iran Regime Minister of Intelligence: “We claim to be Muslims, but we easily lie for inferior political gThe Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence said in a speech on Wednesday October 12: “unfortunately, sometimes ethical and religious issues are easily ignored. Telling lies for political goals, disrespecting and dishonoring people has become commonplace” and warned rival faction.


NCRI - On Friday October 7, people of Zir’Ab in Savadkuh in the province of Mazandaran (northern Iran) held a gathering and blocked the international road in protest against high number of road accidents in the last two days in the city.

NCRI - Mohammad Farhadi, the Minister of Science in Rouhani’s cabinet, has acknowledged the brain drain in Iran under the rule of the Mullahs.

According to Tasnim news agency on October 3, in his speech at the International Science and Technology Forum in Kyoto, Japn, Farhadi pointed to the educated population in Iran and said: “there are 11 million, namely 17 percent of the population, with a college degree in Iran while five million students are currently studying in universities and research centers.”

 Thursday, 0Simultaneous with the International Teachers Day, the faculty of the Ministry of Education and its retired personnel staged a demonstration on Wednesday morning, October 5, 2016, and protested their low salaries and benefits as well as abysmal living conditions. 


NCRI - On Monday October 3, Iranian clerical regime savagely punished a man in public by 93 lashes of flogging.

This inhumane action which took place in Ganaveh city (Southern Iran)  Imam was called, was the hatred among the people.