Ahvaz Protests a Prelude to Events Which Will Rattle the Mullahs' Entire Foundation

The city of Ahvaz in southwest Iran has been the scene of continuous unrest.

Tensions continue to rise between the new U.S. administration and Iran with a series of actions and reactions. Most recently, Iran has launched a new round of military drills, embarking on more provocative actions, while U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel have joined in by issuing what is described as twin warnings to Iran. Wrote Heshmat Alavi in AL-Arabiya on February 22.

Iran Regime's MP

NCRI - The plenary session of Iranian regime’s parliament on Wednesday last week was filled with warnings and concerns expressed by regime’s bands over the consequences of socioeconomic crises and outburst of people’s anger due to increased poverty, deprivation and social inequality, with some of the comments listed below:

Anis al-Naqqash

The Iranian state television admitted, for the first time, that the state carried out assassinations of opponents of the regime outside the country using its agents. This came up during the talk show that was attended by Anis al-Naqqash, known for training Imad Mughniyah, the former military commander of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Al Arabiya English reported on February 18, 2017.

Sixth Consecutive Day of Protests in Oil Reach Southwestern City of Ahvaz

NCRI - According to reports received on the evening of Saturday February18, despite all the police warnings, people of Ahvaz were back into the streets for the sixth consecutive day, protesting against air pollution and water and electricity’s nonstop cut – offs.

Ali Khamenei

NCRI - The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei on February 16th appeared in public to meet the people of East Azerbaijan. His speech was actually a sort of confession of the international pressures as well as the fear of social discontent. He tried to blame Hassan Rouhani for the current critical economic condition.

 Hessamedin Ashna

NCRI - By publishing several tweets Hessamedin Ashna the cultural advisor to the Iranian president, warned Khamenei’s faction that: “If Rouhani's Government Fall, Its Rivals Will Fall Too.

Referring to the recently collapsed high rise (Plasco building) from within, he added: not always the buildings and infostructures collapse vertically and straight down. Sometimes there are serious damages to the adjacent buildings and to owner-occupied buildings with glass facades (pointing to Khameneis faction) so it is recommended to refrain from throwing stones at others'.